What a Window’s 11 eco score could mean

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • In Windows 11 there is a sustainability section that seems to be hidden and offers the user an eco score for their computer.
  • The hidden sustainability section also gives recommendations to the user on how to make the PC sustainable for the environment through energy saving.
  • The new feature in Windows 11 seems to work on one monitor and it might only work on Windows 11 SE.

One of the hidden features in Windows 11 could be called the “Eco Score.” It looks like it would show how eco-friendly your PC is by giving it a score. 

The score would depend upon a bunch of factors, including power consumption, network and battery usage, storage devices and their power consumption, battery capacity and usage, what apps are being used, and other factors.

Though, ultimately, this could be a super cool feature that can allow users to literally see the environmental impact of their work.

The new feature

Windows 11 gives a score to your PC that measures its environmental impact. The product descriptions feature the Twitter user’s discovery of the new features.

The new feature tracks your PC’s power consumption, then gives it an Eco Score rating. The build is still in development, so we don’t have many details on this feature yet, including how exactly it calculates the score.

It will also be telling you how efficient your PC is, and then provide recommendations on how to improve its score. This can be useful for letting you know whether the time is right to upgrade or buy a new device. 

You’ll also find recommendations for setting up device recycling at work or at home so that your old PCs aren’t accumulating in closets somewhere.

More upgrades

Starting with Build, you can now put a sticker on your desktop and customize it by changing the size, rotation, or inking on it by long-pressing or right-clicking on the sticker. 

You can also move them around your desktop just like any other window. We’ll continue evolving this experience as time goes on.

The reports are still not clear yet but it tells that the new features seem to work on only one monitor and there are concerns about the education policy on it which can mean that it might be on Windows 11 SE alone.

Tablet mode

Finally, there is a new setting that allows you to hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet.

Microsoft has created a new option in Windows 11 that enables users to switch between the standard desktop mode and a new tablet mode with a single swipe of their finger on the trackpad, making it easier for users to switch between using their device as a PC and as a tablet.

So far, which of these features fascinates you the most in assigning an eco score? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.