WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile lets you send and receive large documents, videos

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Some significant updates to WhatsApp are in the cards, and they will no doubt put pressure on the likes of Skype and other competing services. Not long ago, WhatsApp Beta for Windows 10 Mobile was updated with some long-awaited features — and fans are going to lose their minds.

The new update for WhatsApp Beta will make it possible for users to send larger videos to their family and friends. This is one of the major issues with the stable version of WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile. Many users, including ourselves, had to use other means to send and receive videos, so we’re glad this is slowly coming to an end.

How does it work?

Well, we do not yet know the file size limit, but we do know folks have sent a 300MB video file using WhatsApp Beta with the new update installed. The new system will compress videos before sending them, so expect large videos to take some time before recipients can download them.

The new update also makes it possible for users to receive documents. Furthermore, users can send documents by using the Windows 10 Mobile share feature. However, documents will not be attached to the app.

To round things off, WhatsApp Beta will see the removal of the subscription page. While the team got rid of this, the option is still present in the stable version of the app, so we’re glad to know that this is going away for good.

These features are available for the beta right now, but we’re not yet sure when they will see the light of day on the stable version. We’re guessing it may take some time, depending on how stable the features are before the WhatsApp team even considers pushing them out to the stable channel.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait with baited breath for the WhatsApp development team to push these cool features down the stable line.


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