Which is better: the Surface Pro 4 or MacBook Air? Microsoft knows the answer

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The eternal war between the Surface Pro 4 and MacBook Air was taken to another level. Microsoft rolled out a biting new commercial for its Surface Pro 4, listing a series of features users can’t find on Apple’s device.

Although the subject and the protagonists are the same, this new commercial is actually really funny. It features a potential buyer trying to decide which device is better, with the many benefits of the Surface Pro 4 introduced using funny rhymes sung by a a keyboard player

Most Microsoft fans like this commercial because it’s based on facts, not accusations. All the things the Surface Pro 4 can do and the MacBook Air can’t do are true — there is no exaggeration. Also, the catchy tune will literally glue the commercial’s message to potential buyers’ ears, influencing purchasing decisions in the process.

Here are the lyrics of the Surface Pro 4 commercial, in case you want to sing along:

This one has got detachable keys
It comes with a pen so you can write as you please
This Mac doesn’t have any of that
It’s less useful, like a hat for your cat
Surface has touch and a beautiful screen
You can see things like they’ve never been seen
This Mac doesn’t quite compare
It’s slower, heavy and a bit square
Fold it in half, Hello when you start
Lighter than air, you can doodle a heart
Yes, it’s plain to see
The Surface Pro 4 is made for me.

The commercial also uses an empowering message for future users: “Surface does more. Just like you”.

Some people don’t like this new commercial, calling it “childish”. Childish or not, this is a well-designed commercial that strikes a chord in potential buyers. Maybe it’s really meant to be childish and the role of the catchy song is to actually activate the desire for instant gratification in potential buyers, something that is prevalent in children. Thus, buyers will hurry to get their hands on the Surface Pro 4.

Is anyone familiar with the Marshmallow experiment?



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