FIX: Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on laptop

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  •  The first step is to go ahead and uninstall the wireless adapter, then restart your system and let Windows automatically reinstall the adapter to see if this basic solution works.
  • The next steps are to run the Network troubleshooter and to uninstall the Network Card device.
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WiFi Getting Disconnected Frequently fix

Solution 5 – Disable Roaming Sensitivity

According to users, if WiFi is getting frequently disconnected, that can be due to Roaming Sensitivity feature. Thanks to this feature your device will switch to other wireless networks that offer better signal.

This isn’t what users always want and sometimes this feature can lead to various WiFi problems.

To fix the problem, users are suggesting to disable Roaming Sensitivity completely. To do that, just follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + S and enter control panel. Choose Control Panel from the list of results.
  2. When Control Panel opens, locate and click on Network and Sharing Center.
    WiFi disconnects when other devices connect
  3. Network and Sharing Center window will now open. In the left pane, click on Change adapter settings.
    WiFi disconnects with VPN
  4. List of network connections will now appear. Right click your wireless connection and choose Properties from the menu.
    WiFi gets disconnected after sleep
  5. When Properties window opens, click on Configure.
    WiFi getting disconnected err_internet_disconnected
  6. Navigate to Advanced tab and select Roaming Sensitivity. Set it to Disabled and click on OK and Apply to save changes.

After doing that your PC won’t automatically try to connect to other available wireless networks and the problem with WiFi should be completely resolved.

Solution 6 – Disable 802.11n Mode

802.11n is the latest wireless standard that offers better range and transfer speed. However, some older routers might not support this standard.

According to users, WiFi is getting disconnected frequently on their PC because 802.11n Mode is enabled for your wireless adapter. If your router doesn’t support this feature, you’ll experience a range of issues.

To fix this problem, you just have to disable 802.11n Mode for your wireless adapter. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Follow Steps 1-5 from Solution 5 to configure your wireless adapter.
  2. Now navigate to Advanced tab. Select 802.11n Mode from the list and set it to Disabled. Now click on Apply and OK to save changes.

After disabling 802.11n Mode, your wireless adapter will be forced to use one of the older standards and the problem should be resolved.

In addition to 802.11n Mode, some users are recommending to disable U-APSDsupport and IEEE 802.1X Authentication features as well.

Solution 7 – Change the channel on your router

If your WiFi is getting disconnected frequently, you might be able to fix the problem simply by switching to a different channel.

Each router can operate on a different channel, and if there are two or more routers on the same channel, you can experience interference.

As a result, your wireless adapter might try to connect to other wireless networks that are on the same channel.

To fix this problem, users are suggesting to change your wireless channel. To do that, you need to access your router’s configuration page and navigate to WiFi section and change the channel number.

To see how to do that, we advise you to check your router’s manual for detailed instructions.

Want an easier solution? Install a software to configure your router with!

Solution 8 – Uninstall Intel Pro Wireless for Bluetooth Technology

As we already mentioned, third-party applications can frequently interfere with your WiFi and cause various problems.

If your WiFi is getting disconnected frequently, you might be able to solve the problem by uninstalling Intel Pro Wireless for Bluetooth Technology. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
  2. When Settings app opens, navigate to Apps section.
    Laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi
  3. Select Intel Pro Wireless for Bluetooth Technology from the list and click on Uninstall. Now follow the instructions on the screen to remove the application.
    WiFi disconnects randomly


Solution 9 – Block your PC from connecting to different networks

According to users, you can experience this problem if there are other wireless networks available.

Your PC will disconnect from your current network and then switch to a different one, and it will repeat that as long as there’s interference from other wireless networks.

To fix this problem, you need to block your PC from connecting to other networks. This is relatively simple, and you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin). If Command Prompt isn’t available, feel free to use PowerShell (Admin) instead.
    Windows 10 WiFi keeps dropping
  2. When Command Prompt starts, enter netsh wlan add filter permission=block ssid=”Name of the WiFi network” networktype=infrastructure and press Enter.
    WiFi getting Limited access
  3. After running this command, the specified WiFi network will be blocked. Now you just have to repeat the previous step for all other networks that you want to block.

After blocking most available WiFi networks, the problem should be completely resolved.

This is a solid workaround if you don’t move your PC frequently, but if you use your laptop in public networks you’ll have to repeat this step every time a new wireless network is detected.

Editor’s Note: This article continues on the next page with more solutions to fix Wi-Fi disconnections on laptops. Feel free to bookmark our collection of Internet troubleshooting tips in case you need to fix other issues later on.

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