Microsoft brings full support for native Win32 games in the Store

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Microsoft store Win32 support

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We can not deny the contribution of Universal Windows Apps towards the growth of the Microsoft Store. Many gamers went to the Store to download their favorite apps and games.

Developers leverage the UWP APIs to develop games and apps that support both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Now Microsoft is finally planning to strengthen its PC gaming offer by pushing Win32 programs to the Store.

There is an official confirmation from Microsoft in this regard. Microsoft Store will now support Win32 games. Gamers can directly visit the Store to download and install their favorite games.

This opportunity is exciting for developers. They can finally offer their Win32 programs to a larger audience in a convenient way.

More gaming news in June

During the past few years, Microsoft put a lot of efforts to gain the attraction of the gaming community.

The company is continuously bringing new titles to Microsoft Store. PC gamers can now enjoy PC versions of Xbox One and original PC games on Windows 10.

Furthermore, the tech giant recently revealed its plans to offer additional Xbox Game Studios games via the Steam marketplace.

Previously, Microsoft’s games were only available via Microsoft Store on PC. Moreover, console users can buy their favorite games from Xbox Live. 

Now, Microsoft wants to change the way PC gamers can buy games. They are going to have multiple platforms at their disposal.

The Redmond giant plans to reveal some more details very soon. Microsoft asked PC gamers to wait until June 9 for the upcoming Xbox E3 2019 event.



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