Win64e10 emulator delisted from Xbox One' By: Khushaar Tanveer
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The Win64e10 app has been removed from Xbox One Store due to “Violation of Policies”, according to a Microsoft representative. The app was hidden from the Store because it didn’t receive approval from Microsoft for a release, although it was visible if you were aware of its existence and searched by its name. The app is still available to those who previously downloaded it before it was removed.

We love to see passion for gaming, and enjoy supporting all types of game and application innovation. While Win64e10 was initially available in the Xbox Store, further review showed it violated policy and is no longer available.

The news was first revealed on Reddit earlier this week. The 90s classics Super Mario 64, F-Zero X and Mario Kart 64 are now playable on the Nintendo 64 app for the Xbox One, as developer MobWi released an updated version of the emulator with Xbox One support for the very first time. This version enables users to import ROM images from local storage via Microsoft’s OneDrive service.

Xbox One owners can now access the entire classic console’s library. But with Microsoft’s distaste and long-standing aversion to emulation software, it is only a matter of time until the app is removed. Reports from Eurogamer state the app called Win64e10 was released over the weekend, but the hype hadn’t stirred until after a week.

Mupen64plus is another freeware emulator that creates playable versions of Nintendo 64 games on modern platforms like Windows and Linux using an array of software plugins. Win64e20 and Mupen64plus are closely related as Win64e10 is a paid version of the latter. This year, an Xbox One update was released that updated their emulation software and introduced Xbox One support for Windows 10 and Windows Phone devices. With this, it’s very likely Microsoft will step up and take action against apps with a suspicious nature — which includes Win64e10 as well.

Now users have a convenient way to access full versions of Nintendo 64 games without having to use original cartridges or depend on the Virtual Console service of Nintendo for its Wii and Wii U consoles. The lack of availability of Nintendo 64 games library on other platforms is what makes Xbox One emulation software entice classic console fanatics, though Nintendo 64 games were released digitally for Virtual Console downloads.

See how it works for yourself:

While the game’s performance isn’t that impressive as Win64e10 isn’t optimized for Xbox One hardware, games like Super Mario 64 are playable even if framerate doesn’t hit its target due to the hardware limitations of the Xbox One which cause lag and glitches during gameplay, as well as disrupted sound.

We advise all classic game lovers not to get too excited about the Xbox One version of Win64e10 as there is a strong possibility it might not stick around for too long. In the past, Microsoft blocked players from purchasing the NESbox, a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Xbox One similar to Win64e10. Microsoft will hopefully adopt a similar approach with Win64e10 even if the exploitation of submitting unlicensed emulators for purchase using the Windows App Store will remain in the hands of developers.

According to its official site, the Win64e10 app costs £7.69/$10 and can be purchased digitally.


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