Disabling the New Windows 10 Update UI may Cause Problems, Microsoft Warns

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Many Windows 10 Technical Preview users have reported they consider changing the registry keys in order to alter the update experience shipped in build 9926. However, Microsoft does not recommend this and warns them that changing the registry could cause unpredictable side effects.
The hardest thing to do for a company is to meet everyone’s needs. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible because what one customer wants is exactly what another customer does not want.

The same goes for build 9926, the default experience does not content all testers and many want to change the registry keys to alter the update experience. Here’s why Microsoft does not recommend this.

First of all, the default experience is the code that’s been most thoroughly tested. Of course, this does not mean the code is bug free, but it is the best version of it.

“Changing things back to older versions is risky because the combination of those old settings with the rest of Windows 10 is not something that’s been validated or supported, so we can’t predict the side effects.”, Microsoft’s Forum Moderator Vidyaranjan A V informs.

He adds that changing registry settings related to update could cause the system to no longer receive new updates or Technical Preview builds. In other words, the system no longer behaves in a standard, expected and tested manner.

Secondly, changing the registry codes could alter the test results for the Technical Preview.

“[..]a lot of update-related code is actually being re-written in order to scale across the variety of different device types Windows 10 will support. Since Technical Previews are a work-in-progress, some code that may still be in build 9926 won’t actually ship in the final version of Windows 10 that we provide to all our customers, so trying to re-enable that code temporarily won’t provide a way to accurately assess Windows 10’s update capabilities.”,Vidyaranjan A V further explains.

Windows 10 users should bear in mind they are using a test product and that the code is extremely fluid at this time. Also, let’s not forget that not running the standard build defeats the whole purpose of the Technical Preview program.

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