The truth behind the Windows 1.0 mystery will be revealed tomorrow

by Milan Stanojevic
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Windows 1.0 Stranger Things mystery ends July 8

Microsoft announced the relaunch of its 34 years old operating system, Windows 1.0. The tech giant announced the news by sharing a video on social media.

According to the official Twitter post, the release is “Introducing the all-new Windows 1.0, with MS-DOS Executive, Clock, and more!!“.

Many people didn’t take it seriously and considered this to be a joke. However, the fact that Microsoft kept teasing images of Windows 1.0 is a clear indication there is something more to this announcement than meets the eye.

Many Windows users are convinced there is some relation between Windows 1.0 and Microsoft’s Windows Lite OS. Others believe that the teasers have something to do with the newly released season of Stranger Things. Microsoft is simply promoting the new season.

Apparently, they are right to some extent because the latest tweet reveals the connection to Stranger Things S3. Microsoft also posted a video along with the tweet.

The video starts with an old desktop computer that displays a Netflix logo on the screen for around 2-3 seconds. If we look closely, the same screen displays some lines of text with a keyword Watch Stranger Things 3.

Although we still don’t know the internal details, at least we have an idea about what’s coming up. Perhaps this is more than a marketing tactic.

The latest season of Stranger Things is actually a story based in 1985. As a quick reminder, it was the same year when Microsoft publically released Windows 1.0.

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It seems the video reminds us of the good old times. That’s why many believed that Windows 1.0 is really coming back.

Oh my, this takes me back to being a kid learning about Morse code. Super cool! I can’t wait!

Well, it remains to be seen if Microsoft is just advertising for Stranger Things or the company is really up to something.

The good news is that the mystery will be cast away tomorrow.

What’s your stance on this marketing stunt? Let us know in the comments below.


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