Windows 10 now on More than 200 Million Devices

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Windows 10 is becoming the most popular version of the Windows on the market, but how many devices are currently running on Windows 10?

It’s certain that Microsoft is working hard to make Windows 10 the most popular version of Windows, and according to latest reports, over 200 million devices are now using Windows 10. Previous reports from two months ago state that over 120 million devices are running Windows 10, so we’re proud to say that in just two months Windows 10 was installed on more than 80 million devices.

Although Windows 10 is being installed on 40 million devices per month, Microsoft has bigger plans. According to reports, Microsoft’s goal is to reach one billion installed Windows 10 operating system until the end of 2018. This seems like a possible goal, but we have to take into consideration that number of installs might drop when Windows 10 isn’t offered as a free upgrade after July 2016. If you haven’t switched to Windows 10, you can do so free of charge if you have Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 installed.

Although 200 million installs sounds impressive, we don’t know if this number includes Windows 10 Mobile devices and Xbox One consoles that are using revamped dashboard that is built on Windows 10 kernel.

So what about 1 billion installations goal? Will Microsoft reach it in 2018? According to current rate, it’s quite possible, but once again, the number of installs might drop after July 2016 when Windows 10 stops being offered as a free upgrade. We can’t say for sure whether Microsoft will reach its ambitious goal in three years time, but we can only hope so. It will take more research and reports, especially after the July 2016 to estimate if Microsoft can reach its goal.

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