AMD’s Newest Windows 10-Ready Processors Double Battery Life and Seriously Improve the Gaming Performance

by Radu Tyrsina
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Windows 10 will be coming to the market at the end of this July and for many OEMs this could translate into a increase of sales both for desktop PCs but also for laptops and notebooks. Naturally, chip makers such as AMD are interested in taking a chunk of sales, as well.
amd windows 10 processorThere’s always been an ongoing fight between AMD and Intel (Nvidia too) when it comes to their processing performance. Of course, there isn’t a clear winner, as there is a plethora of products to choose from. However, from time to time, a certain company comes under the spotlight with a new technology, thus increasing its presence on the market.
Such seems to be the case with AMD’s new 6th generation A-series processors, at least according to them, that is. Among the main features, the company cites ‘unprecedented HD Streaming, online gaming, and innovative computing experiences to notebooks and AIO’. AMD said the following on its official website:

The world’s first high-performance Accelerated Processing Unit in a SoC design marks a number of technology firsts: the world’s first High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) hardware decode support for notebooks, the first Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) 1.0-compliant design, and the first ARM TrustZone-capable high-performance APU. The new processor harnesses up to 12 Compute Cores — 4 CPU + 8 GPU — leveraging AMD ‘Excavator’ cores and the third generation of AMD’s award-winning Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. The result is a groundbreaking processor that boasts more than twice the battery life of its predecessor, up to 2x faster gaming performance than competitive processors, innovative computing experiences enabled through HSA, and a premium Microsoft Windows 10 experience with support for DirectX 12, adding up to an extraordinary experience for consumers

Matt Skynner, corporate VP and general manager, Products at AMD, also shared his input:

The notebook remains the ideal, versatile, connected hub in people’s lives — the one device that does it all and does it well, and today’s consumer shouldn’t have to pay a premium to enjoy high quality streaming video, superior online gaming, and powerful content management as mainstays of today’s computing experience. That changes today with the 6th Generation AMD A-Series Processor, designed to deliver exceptional experiences never before seen in a mainstream notebook, truly making innovation available to everyone. Our partners have plans to introduce our 6th-generation APU in many of today’s most innovative notebook platforms, demonstrating the full potential of the APU’s capabilities.

The new 6th generation A-Series processors will also support FreeSync technology and these are also the first chips to offer HEVC/H.265 in notebooks. AMD also promises increased battery life as much as 2x  from the previous generation when watching video. These new processors are Windows 10-ready as they offer DirectX 12.

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