Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK released to developers

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update is looking good for developers after they were given a new SDK to play around with. Microsoft is pulling out all the moves to make sure developers have everything they need, and a new SDK is a move in the right direction to prepare for the update to be released in July of this year.

Not too long ago, Microsoft open sourced Xamarin, so we’re happy to see the rise of a new SDK that will work in conjunction with it. Here’s the thing: the new SDK will allow developers to test their code before pushing it out to users but will only be compatible with Windows 10 build 14332 and newer. Furthermore, while it includes several bug fixes, that doesn’t mean developers will come across several problems while using the new software as this SDK is still in development. As such, Microsoft warns it must not be used in a production environment.

The company recommends installing the new SDK on test machines and not main machines. There are also a few known issues and Microsoft made sure to lay them out for developers to understand what they are getting involved with here:

Desktop App Converter

The Desktop App Converter Preview (Project Centennial) will fail to run on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332. If you are a developer utilizing the converter tool to convert your desktop app to UWP, we suggest skipping Build 14332 until we can fix this issue.


Known issue that currently blocks our users from injecting fake location data to their UWP applications running in the emulator

For more information, head over to the Microsoft blog. For those who want the new SDK, be sure to be a part of the Windows Insider Program before making any attempts to download it.



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