Windows 10 Anniversary Update is angering Windows 10 Pro users

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Microsoft is causing a fuss with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update due to the company making it almost impossible for users to perform certain tasks that were possible before. This has mainly to do with Windows 10 Pro, and from what we can tell, users are not pleased with the changes.

One of the most notable changes is the inability for users to block the Windows Store by performing a straightforward task. We’re not certain why Windows 10 Pro users would want to disable the Windows Store, but we do believe that if it were possible before, then Microsoft should not release an update to make the task difficult.

As it stands right now, users will not be able to turn off several Microsoft consumer experiences. Want to block personalized recommendations from the software giant or even do away with advertisements? Don’t count on it, friend. It’s also not possible to disable all apps from the Windows Store and make it impossible to for the operating system to stop showing tips.

The folks at Ghacks have managed to list some of the new changes:

  • Turn off Microsoft consumer experiences This, among other things, allows users to block personalized recommendations from Microsoft. (AKA adverts)
  • Do not show Windows Tips Think you know how to use Windows 10? Microsoft will now provide you with help regardless.
  • Lock screen This policy allow users to turn off the lock screen and also manage some of its aspects.
  • Disable all apps from Windows Store This allows users to opt out of Windows Store apps and turn off the offer to update to the latest version of Windows. It also allows users to turn off the automatic download and install of updates. The change won’t be a problem for most users, but it will be for power users.

These are big changes and there’s no doubt we’re going to hear more complaints in the coming days and weeks as the Anniversary Update rolls out.


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This article does NOT surprise me one bit. From the nightmare I have been experiencing, dealing with, and seeing in the past few years, every Windows OS is just getting more overcomplicated, frustrating, aggravating, and infuriatingly slow, tedious, and useless than ever before, with every new version, build, and update. I’m done! I am switching to Linux on this PC just to have as a backup home device, and then going to step out and buy a FAST Apple laptop to carry. I have given Microsoft entirely WAY too much money, and way more word of mouth advertising than I EVER should have been, for many years , just to end up this AMAZINGLY unhappy with their product and complete lack of customer service. I mean, having to get on a forum full of mostly computer illiterate morons to attempt to get tech help, is just disgusting. Microsoft would REALLY have to beg me and hook me up with something REALLY nice and error free to keep me as a customer at this point. As I said earlier, I’m just…..DONE Microsoft!