Windows 10 Anniversary Update deletes Storage Drive files

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Many users who installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update are now complaining about their partitions disappearing altogether or not being detected by the Disk Management app.

After looking better into this matter, we realized this is not the only manner the Anniversary Update affects partitions. Other users are also complaining the Windows 10 version 1607 deletes the files stored on their Storage Drives. This time, the Disk Management app detects all the partitions and properly displays them, but doesn’t detect the files and folders users saved of the respective partitions.

Users report the Anniversary Update deletes files from their Storage Drive

Every update has caused my XFi to fail to play audio. Went to ‘This PC’ to navigate to my Storage drive where I store the Daniel_K XFi pack which I need to run whenever a Windows update comes down. […]. Checked in Disk Management and the drive is completely blank, doesn’t even have a format.

Users managed to get at least some of their files back using various data recovery tools. Unfortunately, not all the files could be recovered, and those who were retrieved were scattered in the system, they were not in any directory structure.

We wonder how such a major bug remained undetected. A few weeks before rolling out the Anniversary Update, Microsoft launched the June Bug Bash, a program aimed specifically at detecting all the possible bugs that might had still been hiding among Windows 10’s codes.

The fact that the Anniversary Update modifies the structure and content of partitions suggests the Anniversary Update has a will of its own, behaving as if Microsoft owned the computers running Windows 10. If you’re running Windows 10 Pro versions, we suggest you to delay the Anniversary Update to avoid potential issues.



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