Anniversary Update lets you install paid apps on up to 10 devices, Xbox One included

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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The Anniversary Update brought major changes to Windows 10. One of the changes that will affect users is the app device limit. With it, users can install Windows Store paid apps on a maximum number of 10 devices, and the Xbox One now counts towards the 10 device limit.

This limitation is not a problem for domestic users since they don’t use more than 10 Windows devices. However, for users who own multiple devices, this 10 device limit could indeed be a problem.

The Windows Store is now universal and as such, users can install the same app on all their devices. If you have a big family or if you work in a press center, you may sometimes hit that 10 device limit. Therefore, it’s better to keep this information in mind.

Of course, nobody can blame Microsoft for taking this kind of decision. As stated before, a single license supporting 10 different devices is more than enough for the average user. On the other hand, Microsoft definitely doesn’t want you to buy one app and then give it to ten of your friends.

However, the tech giant should also consider extending the 10 device limit for some users. Developers, reviewers or even domestic users who own more than ten Windows 10 devices could agree to pay an extra amount of money for the privilege of being able to install paid Windows Store apps on more than 10 devices.

However, nowadays, with the increase in popularity of connected services and devices, this limit Microsoft is imposing could discourage some people from buying new devices.


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