Windows 10 Anniversary Update to get better looking emojis

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft has updated its emojis on both Windows 10 PCs and phones, bringing a more lively and playful design to the table.

The tech giant added all the emojis currently available in the unicode standard so you can better express your emotions, with the only elements not added being flags.

By adopting the unicode stardard, Microsoft has aligned itself with all the other tech giants that provide instant message services. Thanks to this update, using emojis across platforms will no longer be as issue — a pretty big deal.

You can now send a smiley face via Twitter to your friend who is using an Android phone without worrying that the emoji won’t display correctly.

The latest update changes the default skin tone to yellow for human-like emoji characters. In this manner, Microsoft has adopted the same strategy used by other platforms, choosing the same color for human-like emojis.

The new emoji are designed to be detailed, more expressive and playful. Their larger size takes full  advantage of every pixel and the two-pixel outline allows for emoji to appear on any color background without loss of fidelity, described Gabe Aul, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Engineering Systems Team.

As far as the user feedback is concerned, users love this new emoji design, especially on colorful backgrounds. Many of them even said that Microsoft’s new emojis look better than the ones from Android or iOS.

Microsoft has always been ahead of its time when it comes to emojis, often being the first to adopt debatable emojis such as the middle finger.

This update brings new emojis, too: the vomit face, the shrug, and a variety of family combinations (families with two moms, or mono-parent families). Fast Ring Insiders will be happy to know that they’ll be the very first to experience all this emoji goodness.