How to fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update failed installs

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is finally here. Windows users can’t wait to download it on their machines and test out the new features, but unfortunately not all of them have been able to install the Anniversary Update.

Before searching for a fix, bear in mind that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolls out in waves, and it may not be available for all users at the same time. Secondly, Windows 10 currently runs on more than 350 million devices worldwide, and rolling out the update to all these devices is quite an effort for Microsoft.

Thirdly, no piece of technology is bug-free. For various reasons, sometimes even the most reliable and stable operating systems and devices fail to work properly.

Users complain about failed Anniversary Update installs

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is no exception to the rule, and many users have already reported issues when trying to install the update. Windows developers have been the first to encounter installation fails.

1. Hyper-V VM issues with version 1607

Ok so I’ve downloaded the Windows 10 Enterprise Anniversary ISO from the Microsoft Partner Site.

I’ve spun up a Hyper-V VM to install it.

Great, just after the customize settings screen I get this [error], and it wont go any further. […]

I’ve managed to get it past this on VMWare by disabling all Video Acceleration.

Now to figure out Hyper-V.

2. Users reported they couldn’t complete the Anniversary Update installation, claiming problems with restore and stuck downloads.

Soooo it downloaded and went through most of the install process, but on the final restart is said “restoring previous version of Windows” and then when it finally booted the OS it still says the update is still available… So I guess I’ll try again.

3. 0xa0000400, 0x80070057 errors encountered by early Windows 10 1607 users

Other users even encountered specific error codes, such as 0x80070057 and 0xa0000400 which stopped them from installing the Anniversary Update:

I’m getting the error 0x80070057 while trying to update. None of the solutions on web seem to work. I know several people that are having the same problem. What would be the solution?

4. When Windows 10 tries to update, it gets to a particular percentage and then fails with the 0x80070005 error

I’m trying to install the Anniversary Update for version 10. My current version is 1511 (10586 494). It downloads fine, the file has no errors, but when it tries to update, it gets to 2% then fails with the 0x80070005 error.[…]

Any clues? I know the above error means Access Denied, but what can’t it access? Is there a log file that I can look at?

5. The Anniversary Update restores the previous Windows version

I have not been able to update my SB to the Anniversary Upgrade. Every time it fails at some point and reboots with a message “Restoring Your Previous Version of Windows” without giving any sort of error message.

Finally I resorted to the Media Creation Tool which also failed in the same way.

6. Anniversay Update installation fails in the FIRST_BOOT phase with the 0C1900101 – 0x3000D error

My 1607 RTM upgrade was not successful. 0C1900101 – 0x3000D, installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA

I ran the Update Troubleshooter for 10, and got no issues.  I also tried using Task Manager to disable all Startup programs.  Not sure what to do about it.  Does this mean a clean installation is the only option?

7. The kmode_exception_not_handled error blocks users from installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Anniversary Update fails to install kmode_exception_not_handled

I am getting this kmode_exception_not_handled after 70% install and restore to previous version of Windows 10 Pro.

If you’re getting this particular error, you can check out our dedicated fix article to solve this issue.

8. The Anniversary Update displays a blue window, informing users about possible incompatibility issues

“Sorry, we’re having trouble determining if your PC can run Windows 10. Please close setup and try again.”

But my PC is already running Windows 10. How do I work around this?

9. Windows 10 Anniversary Update fails to install with error 0x80004005

Tried 3 times with windows update and 2 times with the windows update assistant from the Microsoft site.  Windows update failed 3 times and the update assistant failed twice with error code 0x80004005.

10. Windows 10 Anniversary Update freezes midway through installation

The percentage completion gradually increased to 82% over an hour or so.  It now has been at 82% for about 6 hours.  There’s minimal hard disk activity now.  What can I do to get out of this frozen update process.

By now, the Anniversary Update should already be visible for most users, so if you still encounter errors when trying to automatically install the update, follow the steps listed below to fix this issue.

How to fix failed Windows 10 Anniversary Update installs

If you are getting errors like stuck downloads, error codes such as 0xa0000400, 0x80070057, 0x80070005, or if the upgrading process simply freezes, you can use the workarounds listed below to this these issues.

1. Run Microsoft’s Troubleshooter

troubleshoot windows 10 anniversary update installation fails

  1. Type Troubleshooting in the search box > select the first result
  2. Select View all > select Windows Update.
  3. Run the troubleshooter.

2. Delete the content of the folder where you downloaded the Anniversary Update file

delete the anniversary update download folder

  1. Go to C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload
  2. Delete everything from the folder, but not the folder itself.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Download the Anniversary Update again.

4. Disable your antivirus program before downloading the Anniversary Update

Expert tip:


Outdated drivers are the main reason for errors & system issues. If some of your files are missing or crashing, an automated solution like DriverFix can solve these problems in just a couple of clicks. And it's also lightweight on your system!

Many of the errors encountered when upgrading Windows are triggered by users’ antivirus programs. To avoid such situations, simply disable your antivirus before downloading and installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

If you’re using Windows Defender:

disable windows defender anniversary update install

  1. Go to Settings > Real-time protection
  2. Temporarily turn off this feature.

5. Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

scannow anniversary update fails to install

  1. Type cmd in the search box > select Command Prompt
  2. Type sfc /scannow
  3. Restart your computer and try to install the Anniversary Update again.

6. Make sure your computer has enough space to download the update

disk cleanup tool anniversary update fails to install

  1. Launch the Disk Cleanup tool > select the C: drive > launch the process
  2. Delete all the files from the Recycle Bin, as well as all temporary files.

7. Use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

1. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

anniversary update fails to install

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool.

Once the download completes, the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool automatically starts installing the Anniversary Update on your machine.

As always, if you’ve found other workarounds, help the community and list them in the comment section below.


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