Windows 10 Anniversary Update to get delayed for millions

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Windows 10 users received their most recent big update around a month ago. Even though the Anniversary Update started rolling out on August 2nd, it wasn’t such a smooth launch as many would have expected. The newer devices were targeted first by Microsoft, while if you owned an older system you were supposed to receive the update after waiting a little bit.

Even so, it seems that many users still haven’t received their update. Mary Jo Foley, who is a Microsoft Watcher, noticed a footnote in an email and declared that it can still last for months before all users will upgrade to the latest version.

The message which Mary Jo Foley saw stated that the Anniversary Update will be installed and downloaded through Windows Update. It mentioned that it will be available from August 2nd 2016 and that it may take up even three months until all users can receive the update. It also said that Internet access fees may apply.

As such, if you’re among the users who haven’t received the update yet, you should be waiting at least until November to complain about this situation. The update does indeed brings lots of innovations, but also improvements to the OS. Despite all that, reports show that it’s not the smoothest upgrade, since it also brings some trouble on the way. Many users who have already upgraded said that there are freezing moments of the systems, bluescreen crashes (mainly triggered by Kindles), webcams that don’t work and even some bundled apps that were removed were reinstalled.

Meanwhile, it seems that Microsoft solved some of the issues, such as the freezing problem, and they are taking into account all the other issues too. Users are hoping they will solve it as soon as possible, since many reported that it’s annoying not to be able to use your webcam, for instance.



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