How to manually install Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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Microsoft has finally started rolling out the Anniversary Update to all eligible Windows 10 users. However, since a huge number of computers needs to get the update, the company decided to roll it out gradually, so not everyone is going to get the Anniversary Update immediately.

It could even take a few days for some users to finally receive the update via Windows Update. However, if you’re not so patient, and you don’t want to wait for the update to come through Windows Update, there’s actually a way to upgrade your Windows 10 to version 1607 manually.

Upgrading Windows 10 manually is actually a simple action, and it requires just one tool. So, let’s see how to upgrade your computer to the Anniversary Update, even if you still haven’t receive it from Windows Update.

How to manually upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Method 1 – With Media Creation Tool

So as we said, the process is pretty simple, you just create a bootable image, and upgrade your system the way you do when clean installing. Of course, none of your files will be lost during process, so don’t worry about that. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. First, download the Media Creation tool from this link, and install it
  2. Once you launch the Media Creation tool, choose Upgrade now, and click Nextwindows 10 anniversary update manual install 1
  3. The download process will start automatically, and your computer will be updated. You just need to follow some on-screen instructions, and you’ll be good to go

That was just a one way of installing the Anniversary Update, that allows you to update only a computer you’re currently using. However, if you want to create a bootable media, and install it on another computer, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Media Creation tool
  2. Once you launch the Media Creation tool, choose Create installation for another PC, and click Nextwindows 10 anniversary update manual install 2
  3. Check “Use recommended option for this PC,” and click Nextwindows 10 anniversary update manual install 3
  4.  Choose ‘ISO file,’ and click Nextwindows 10 anniversary update manual install 4
  5. Save the ISO file anywhere you want, and wait for the tool to download it, and create a bootable image
  6.  Once you’ve created a bootable image, just run in to a computer you want to updatewindows 10 anniversary update manual install
  7. Follow further on-screen instructionsanniversary update manual install
  8. Finish the installation

Method 2 – With Windows Upgrade Assistant

If you don’t like the Media Creation tool, you can use another Microsoft’s tool for upgrading to the Anniversary Update called the Upgrade Assistant. Using this tool is actually easier than using the Media Creation tool, therefore you might prefer to use it. Here’s how to install the Anniversary Update using the Upgrade Assistant:

  1. Download the Upgrade Assistant from this link
  2. Open it, and just choose Update nowwindows 10 anniversary update assistant
  3. Follow further on-screen instructions, and wait for the Anniversary Update to get installed on your computer

If you have trouble finding proper files for your version of Windows 10, we gathered ISO files for each version in one place, so you might check them out, if needed.

There you go, after performing one of these two methods, the Anniversary Update is going to be installed on your computer, even though you still haven’t receive it through the Windows Update. If you have any comments, or questions, just let us know below.



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