The Anniversary Update brings new Microsoft Family settings

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is finally here and brings many new updates and features. Today we will talk about a new feature that many parents will enjoy using.

The Microsoft Family feature has received an update allowing users to manage all the Xbox and Windows device accounts from one centralized location. This allows parents to add multiple time limits and also filter the Windows Store access using age limitation criteria.

In addition, this update also lets you block the use of other browsers (other than Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge), as they ignore the website restrictions you set. This means that as long as your kids will use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, you will have full control of what websites they can visit.

Microsoft has also improved notifications, allowing you to receive a notification request for a time extension, in case your kids needs to stay longer on the consoles or PCs. This feature may not be interesting for some parents, but there are others who prefer to have more control over their kids and offer them limited freedom on the Internet.

Let’s not forget there are all kinds of online threats and it’s better to have some control over what websites your kids are visiting. There have been many cases of kidnapping, as criminals are luring their victims using social media networks. Moreover, it’s unhealthy for a kid to spend too much time in front of a computer, therefore it’s better to set a timer for Internet usage, so that your kids won’t “forget” to turn off their consoles or computers.

What are your thoughts about the new update that Microsoft Family has received via the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?



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