Windows 10 Anniversary Update still not available for your PC?

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update should be available for all Windows 10 PC users right now. The update hit  on August 2, 2016, but some users might still be waiting for it to show up on their systems. These incidents are what we expect to happen when an update of this magnitude is rolled out to 350 million Windows 10 computer users.

Some folks are already complaining they are unable to see the update and August 2, 2016, has already passed.

My PC doesn’t show up the Windows Anniversary Update in Windows Update, and it’s already 2nd August at my location. Please tell me what to do.

As stated above, there are 350 million computer users around the world who are set to receive this update and as such, it will take a few weeks for all to get it. These things take time, but from our experience, it should be available to everyone within the first two weeks of release.

If two weeks pass without an update, this will require direct intervention from Microsoft, or there could be an underlining issue with your computer. Reinstalling will likely work, but we would recommend backing up your files before attempting such a task.



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