Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Vaio Phone Biz to be delayed due to Continuum issues

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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A few weeks ago, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update  started rolling out for smartphones running on Windows 10 Mobile. However, not all eligible devices received the OTA update. One of the devices that didn’t receive the update was the HP Elite X3 and, recently, we found out that Vaio Phone Biz has not either

The reason? Issues withContinuum. Vaio confirmed on its official website that the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will be delayed until Microsoft fixes problems with the aforementioned feature. It seems the developers are now quietly working on fixing it without making too much negative publicity and will give Vaio the green light when everything will be ok.

Let’s not forget that Continuum for smartphones is one of the best features that Windows 10 Mobile comes with. The Continuum problems might also be the reason why there are many OEMs that have decided to delay the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

Unfortunately, we don’t have more information about what’s wrong with Continuum, but some believe that this bug could be related to the chipset limited to the Vaio. We remind you that there are many users disappointed by Microsoft as the company hasn’t focused too much on testing its operating system before releasing it. Microsoft needs to be very careful with all these wrong steps as it might risk losing some users who will switch to an Android device. No one likes running a constantly buggy Windows 10 Mobile and being angry all the time because of its performance.

Have you installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your smartphone? Do you have any problems while using Continuum on your Windows 10 Mobile device?


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