Windows 10 April Update’s UX, UI design has some minor flaws

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The Windows 10 April 2018 Update was released a few days ago and it seems that it’s not as clean as expected. It’s true that the update does bring a lot of handy features but unfortunately, it’s also packed with a few UX and UI issues. Michael West posted the most important ones on his Medium account, and we’ll also list them below.

Windows Defender Security Center

windows 10 april update UX UI issues

There’s a bug in the tiles of the page and when you’re hovering over one, the others will be displaced and this also leads to text wrapping. The hamburger menu also seems to be a custom design instead of the NavView system. If you change the system theme while the application is open, you’ll get black text on dark grey background, making the hamburger menu hard to read.


settings UI issues windows 10

Settings now has a new volume preferences page and the controls wrap in a strange way when the window is at its default size. There are also gaps between the title and the content of some pages and the Phone page seems out of place.

Windows My People

The My People apps page didn’t update the Store’s name to Microsoft Store.

Windows Shell

Michael also noticed that there are shadows missing from a few sections., while the Start menu retains a shadow. “These flyouts used to have a shadow before their material was updated from the old blur that shipped with Windows 10 to the new Acrylic blur,” Michael wrote.

He also noted in his post that “Action Center and Start have a tendency to lose it’s Acrylic material when it enters and exits the screen, especially if the content behind is “busy”. This is hard to record via conventional screen capture means, but you can probably reproduce it yourself if you open and close Action Center/Start while playing a video behind it.”

You can read the complete post of the UX flaws that Michael found in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.



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