Windows 10 ‘Storage Sense’ Shows Available and Used Storage by System, Apps, Games and Media Files

by Radu Tyrsina
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Windows 10 comes with a really neat feature in PC Settings that is called ‘Storage Sense’. This allows users to obtain a visual representation of how their storage is used and how much more is left.
windows 10 used storage
The above screenshot shows how the new ‘Storage Sense’ option will work out in the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. We can see that the new feature brings a visual and data-based representation of how much of the available storage on a device is being used and which parts are using it.

Windows 10 will make it easy to manage available and used storage

We can see that there’s a bar graph for each storage device, along with color-coded segments for types of data used. ‘System and Reserved’ is marked by blue, ‘Desktop apps’ by brown, ‘Apps and Games’ by green, and ‘Pictures, music and videos’ by red.

Storage Sense is located in the main list of items for PC settings, divided in two sections: Storage overview and Storage locations. The first one brings all the drives currently attached to your PC, such as SD Cards, external USB drives, internally attached hard drives.

You can click on every type of files that are stored and you will be even given recommendations. The Save locations feature allows users to change the default locations to store music, pictures and documents.

By the looks of it, Storage Sense seems to be pretty much a complete feature, so expect the final version that will be available in Windows 10 to be pretty much similar to this one.

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