Steam survey shows Windows 10 is the most popular gaming OS

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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windows 10 best os for gaming

Steam is a very popular and well-known digital distribution platform for games.

Players can use it to buy, manage, update and play their favorite games, and much much more.

Being such a giant software platform, Steam constantly adapts itself to the player market, and it does so by using constant customer feedback.

One fine example of how it manages to do so is by performing monthly surveys where they check out the latest trends on the market, so that they can adjust their content accordingly.

Here are the most popular Windows 10 setups

These values have been taken from Steam’s Steam Hardware & Software Survey page:

Upon further inspection, it can be noticed that over 93% of players are using Windows 10 on their PC with an almost 1% growth compared to the previous month.

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Windows 8 which is owned by less than 0.11% of Steam’s userbase.

Windows 7, once the most popular OS until Windows 10 came around, is still holding strong, but the slow yet steady decrease in support can be seen here as well.

This steady increase in Windows 10’s popularity was to be expected, especially since it has been almost a year since Windows 7’s End-of-Support.


Steam users have mostly gaming setups

As for the hardware components, 26% of users are still using DirectX 11 while only 11% are using the DirectX 12 to run their GPUs.

However, regardless of the version, it seems that the most popular video card among steam users is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060.

Another interesting fact is that almost all users (99.99%) are using microphones, and more than one-third of the users have multi-monitor setups.

These all indicate the average Steam user’s tendency to equip their PC for the gaming scene, as we all know how multi-monitor setups, powerful GPUs, and a microphone can help, especially during online gaming.

All in all, this data shouldn’t be taken as a standard, since the survey is done only with the user’s accord. 

That being the case, the percentage values can be off by a certain margin.

How does your PC fair compare to the Steam average? Lets us know how well-equipped your PC is for Steam’s game by leaving us your specs in the comments section below.

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