Windows 10 Beats SteamOS in Gaming Performance, Benchmark Claims

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Not only Windows 10 users were excited about a new release last week (Windows 10 Threshold 2 update), as gamers and users of Steam platform welcomed the highly anticipated Steam Machines, after a two year testing period. Ars Technica took this opportunity to test the gaming performance on SteamOS, and compare it with Window 10. And the results were surprising for many, as Windows 10 was completely dominant.

Testers used a benchmarking tool called Geekbench 3, on a dual-boot PC with both Windows 10 and SteamOS installed to run a few more and less demanding games, and the results have shown that almost all games run much better on Windows 10, than on SteamOS.

First, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Metro: Last Redux were tested, as two relatively more demanding titles. And results were surprising, as the games had 21 to 58 fewer frames per second on SteamOS than on Windows 10, depending on the graphical settings. We can say this is surprising, because SteamOS was made mainly for gaming, and it should have the best benchmarking grades when it comes performance of the games.

steamos windows 10 benchmark

After testing these two relatively graphics-intensive games, testers decided to run less-demanding, Valve’s own games, like Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Dota 2. The staff from Ars Technica probably hoped for better results in favor of SteamOS, since these games are Valve’s in-house products, and things were a little better this time for Valve’s Linux-based operating system, but Windows 10 again had a much better score. Actually, the only game that had a slightly better benchmark score on SteamOS than Windows 10 was Left 4 Dead 2 (49.1 compared to 50.1).

steamos windows 10 benchmark 1

Considering these results, right now, it looks like choosing SteamOS as your main gaming platform, over Windows 10, doesn’t look like the best move, because you’ll have to sacrifice a significant amount of performance. Not to mention that Steam currently has tons of games without a Linux port, which means that you cannot play them on SteamOS. But this also proves that Microsoft kept its promise when it said that Windows 10 will bring a great gaming experience to gamers, even better than the OS whose main purpose is gaming.

But we also have to say that you should give SteamOS a little time because it’s a pretty new platform, and developers still didn’t fully optimize their games to work smooth on SteamOS. So, until developers optimize their games, and new drivers for SteamOS are released, Windows 10 stays the best solution for PC gaming on the market. Will it remain that way? Time will tell.


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