Windows 10 desktop dominance continues with over 1 billion users

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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Windows 10 has hit a new milestone—over one billion active users per month, Microsoft announced. This growth shows that the customer-centric enhancements the OS has been getting since its initial launch on July 29, 2015, do pay off.

According to a StatCounter report, Windows had a 77.25% desktop OS market share worldwide as of February 2020. The stat covers all versions of the OS, including Windows 7.

The closest rival, OS X, accounted for only 17.69% of active desktop OS users by then.

Faster security updates pay off

Windows 10 has always dominated the desktop OS market since its launch. But it has had its fair share of problems, for example, security.

Microsoft said that it has been releasing security updates to fix such issues faster than before. Individual users, enterprises, and developers have come to rely on such upgrades, especially Patch Tuesday releases, to keep their Windows 10 PCs as safe as possible.

New Windows 10 features and security updates are now delivered faster than ever before. We’ve evolved from releasing a version every three years, to releasing multiple versions per year.

The Windows Insider program

The Windows Insider program is one of the critical tools that Microsoft has been using to gather Windows 10 user feedback. Initially, only enterprises and developers accessed it to test new OS features before they became available to general users.

But today, the program boasts almost 18 million members worldwide, including general users. It enables Microsoft to perfect new OS features before release to the general public.

Microsoft takes the same approach to the design and development of most of its software products. A case in point is the Edge browser, whose improvements and fixes hit insider channels before the rest of the world.

Cross-platform support

Windows 10 has extensive cross-platform support, which is one of the reasons for its unshakable grip on the OS market. It comes pre-installed on thousands of laptop models, and it powers Microsoft products like HoloLens and the Xbox console.

Also, the Surface Neo will run on Windows 10X, a futuristic variation of Windows 10. If the dual-screen device quickly catches on upon launch, it will instantly propel the popularity of the OS among mobile users.

Android is currently the most popular mobile OS.

Likewise, the end of support for Windows 7 will ultimately result in more of the remaining users migrating to Windows 10.

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