Windows 10 could help boost PC sales over the next few years

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Recent market reports may indicate a decline in PC shipments, but it seems like computer sales are showing signs of recovery. IDC’s latest Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker report suggests a slight uptick in the shipment of convertibles and slim laptops.

The report predicts ultra slim and convertible designs will account for nearly 63% of total notebook shipments by 2020 from 60% this year. IDC says this is due to the overlapping usage of those form factors.

“We continue to see steady progression toward smaller desktops and notebooks as replacement buying helps stabilize overall shipments in the coming years,” said IDC’s Loren Loverde.

IDC forecasts that global PC shipments will drop by only 6.4% year-over-year in 2016 instead of the 7.2% initially reported in August. The report also indicates Q3 2016 recorded only a 4.6% year-over-year decline. That’s in stark contrast to IDC’s previous forecast of 6.6%. The company still projects next year’s market value to hit a 2.1% decline from 2016. Nonetheless, IDC expects consumer interest in new form factors to slightly buoy PC shipments.

Windows 10 transitions help boost PC shipments

IDC analyst Neha Mahajan believes U.S. PC market sentiment appears to be improving as early Windows 10 upgrades are expected to increase commercial PC shipments in the next couple of years.

As well as the Windows 10 transitions, IDC also attributes the Q3 2016 gains to momentum in Japan, Europe and the United States. IDC observes that channels in these regions are stockpiling inventory to address shortages in display panels and storage. The market research firm expects this channel activity to help boost PC shipments in early 2017, though it’s likely this activity won’t be sustained later.

Commercial notebook shipments will likely peak at 3.7% in 2019 as sales start to pick up during 2016. On the other hand, commercial desktop sales will remain flat by 2018.

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