Microsoft to fix the battery drain issue on Chromium browsers

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Microsoft might solve the battery drain issue on Chromium-based browsers

Microsoft is working on a solution to limit battery drain in its Chromium-based browsers.

Battery-drain issue in browsers finally addressed by Microsoft

This has been a problem with the company’s previous browsers, and now it’s trying to address it. More specifically, Microsoft wants to implement a solution that will improve battery usage when streaming media content.

Here’s how the battery-drain issue affects Windows 10 PCs:

The current behavior is that the media content is added to the general HTTP cache during acquisition and playback. This has a negative impact on battery life as keeping the disk active increases power consumption in general, and can also prevent certain lower-power modes from being engaged in the operation system. The proposal is to prevent streaming media content from being cached to disk where possible.

The use of the disk surely affects the battery life, but the bigger problem is that the OS is prevented from entering lower-powered modes, which affects the battery significantly.

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Initial battery tests look promising

Microsoft ran local testing by playing back unencrypted 1080p streaming media content on a laptop while disconnected from power  and the initial results look promising.

With the solution implemented, the system disk write activity decreased by 309KB/sec. 

The feature seems to work well, but only time will tell if it will make its way on Microsoft’s Chromium-based browsers or it will remain just a test.

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For further details about the implementation and how it works, you can check out the official GitHub page.

Do you have battery-drain issues on your Windows 10 PC?

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