Many Windows 10 Build 14267 Issues Being Reported by Users

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Gabe Aul, the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Engineering Systems Team, or better know as the man responsible and taking care of Windows 10 builds, has announced yesterday the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14267 for users on the Fast ring.

The previous build was 14257 which was made available for download 2 weeks ago. While this previous update didn’t contain any visible changes, this wasn’t the case with 14267, as it brought a total of five new features, along with the traditional bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Windows 10 Build 14267 Issues

Of course, since we’re talking about a build released to insiders, and especially to those on the Fast Ring, it needs to be mentioned once again that these are the most likely to witness various bugs and glitches beyond those acknowledged by Microsoft.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing here – gathering all these problems in a single place, to help out the community in eradicating these errors before they make it into the final version. So here are some of the issues that have been reported by Windows 10 users with regards to build 14267.

  • One user is complaining that Windows 10 build 14267 breaks his system drive encryption. He says that after upgrading his devices “report a “Trusted Platform Module 2.0” problem in Device Manager and consequently their system drives are no longer encrypted“.
  • A couple other users are reporting problems with the startup and the power button when using build 14267 on their Windows 10 devices.
  • Somebody else says the REACHit beta app for Cortana in Windows 10 build 14267 is not downloading.
  • Apparently, the Context menu in File Explorer doesn’t work in build 14267 for one user, as he says that “when right clicking a file or directory in File Explorer the context menu comes up momentarily and then closes.
  • At least two different users have been reporting that they received error 0x80240031 when trying to download build 14267. Luckily, we did in the past a story on how to fix error ‘0x80240031c’ on Windows 10, and while it’s not exactly the same error, maybe it could prove helpful to you.
  • Several users also complain that Cortana is not working for them in latest preview builds, citing a number of various problems regarding its functionality.
  • There are quite many users who are complaining that they haven’t yet received the build in question, and while there were some Windows 10 build 14267 problemswho weren’t on the Fast ring, the problem is indeed genuine for several.
  • Voices also claim that build 14267 was stuck on downloading, at various percentages or at ‘Preparing to install updates.” This has happened to me, as well, but the issue disappeared when I installed the second time.
  • Somebody else says he is getting error MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS  when upgrading to latest Windows 10 build.

We are constantly monitoring the issues being reported on this particular build, and we will update the article, consequently, whenever we are being tipped about new problems, or when we are spotting them ourselves.

Update – of course, when checking the forums, we’ve found a couple of many other issues, and we’ve already have comments reporting on the same issues. So here are some more:

  • It seems that MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS  is one of the most encountered errors, as we’ve been tipped about this and there have been more complaints about this on the forums since the build was released.
  • More users have started complaining that this update has been stuck, with Windows 10 user JulianClayton claiming that his “update to 14267 has been stuck on 32% ‘Preparing to install updates’ for more than 45minutes“, also saying that “this is the longest it has ever been stuck during any update“.
  • A couple of users claim they’re having problems with some of the Kaspersky suite of products. PEPeterWolfepw saysKaspersky Internet Security 16 no longer working in latest version 14267” while Simon Mounsey affirms that Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 will not work on Insider Preview Build 14267 as “the program believes Windows is in Safe Mode“.
  • More recent complains come from Windows 10 Mobile users, with one of them saying build 14267 “killed my brand new Lumia 550’s USB port: The phone no longer charges and is no longer recognized if attached to a PC“. Another user complains that “in the latest Windows 10 mobile insider build the sounds for e-mail and texts have stopped working“.
  • We’ve got more reports about startup failures and various BSODs like SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (we have a guide on how to fix this one). Many out there, including myself, have also seen that their systems are now starting up slower than usually.
  • Power issues also seem to be very frequent, with users complaining that their system has issues waking from sleep mode in build 14267, or that hibernate is not working,
  • There are also many complaints regarding the fact that the update hangs, either on the computer logo or on the Windows 10 splash screen.
  • Various other complaints include random freezing, high CPI usage, issues with BIOS access and others.

We’ll be investigating and we’ll add more issues to this story as we want it to serve as a central location for all these problems. Therefore, go ahead and leave your comments below.

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Avatar Finn Arne Nystad

Have been trying to install 14267 many times, but I always get the BSOD PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONEPAGED_AREA when it’s at 75%. Looks like I have to wait for the next build.

Avatar Freddie Chisale

MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS making me goCRAZZZYYYY! 8 days and counting…
my setup: Windows 10 (x64) PRO Insider Preview 10257, Laptop Lenovo G500 (Core i5), (8GB)
Please help.

Avatar Hannu Majava

Got Windows 10 Insider Preview 14267 – error 0x8007045b and installation stopped… and the previous version had problems finalizing the update properly.. Laptop Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro (i5)

Avatar Mark Poole

Quickbooks Pro crashes when loading company file and PDFactory disappeared after last update. Both issues go away when system is rolled back to previous beta build. Latest version I was running and rolled back from was 14267.rs1 release160213-0213

Avatar Mihai Stanciu

Multiple_irp_complete_requests here too…

Avatar Juhani Suhonen

Mouse is not working at the upper 10% of screen; clicking mouse button causes mouse position to change and thus using menus or right clicking anything does not work ! 🙁

Avatar Bobby Ketcham

getting error MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS when upgrading to latest Windows 10 build, I’ve tried three times, even removed Avira AV Free to see if it changed things.
Nope! Same message and system reverts back to previous build after 3 total attempts each time I allow WU to proceed.

Avatar Jamie Buchanan

My zune software quit working and I can no longer install it under this build.

Avatar Braulio Cesar Holtz Ribeiro

The zune software interface is amazing, but Microsoft don’t release updates for it.

Avatar MarcTheDuck

14267 broke Kaspersky Total Security on my 4 laptops (Toshiba Satellite, Gateway, Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, and Surface Pro 3). To make matters worse Kaspersky is left in a state listed as “snoozing” in the Action Center, and that prevents you from enabling Windows Defender. Initially on 3 of the 4 laptops the Kaspersky status was “off” and I could update the Defender virus signatures, but once I started a scan, after a little while it crashed with an error and the Kaspersky status changed to “snooze” preventing enabling Defender from that point on. Later, on the Lenovo Defender somehow enabled itself over night – but not on the other PCs. Mostly I’m operating with no virus protection. I really don’t want to uninstall Kaspersky but that may be what I have to do.

One other issue: on the Lenovo when I close the lid, after a while the system seems to shut down. When I open the lid and push the On button it comes up with the Lenovo splash screen (the one you see when it starts to boot up). But it just stays there. No progress indicators show up (the little dots circling around). After I push Off and then On once again, the Lenovo splash screen paints but this time it will boot all the way up. I have not changed the lid-down power settings (or anything else) to shut the system down. I do have it set to “sleep” when the lid is shut if on battery power.

Not impressed with build 14267. Breaking A/V protection is not acceptable at this point – now that Win10 has been released. I don’t care about finger pointing and whose fault it is. I expect professionally performing tools and apps and both companies need to work together better before a new production release (fast ring or otherwise) comes out. And neither company has posted any info about this – no idea if either of them even know about it, let alone any info about whether either is working on a fix.

Avatar Julien

I have ASUS laptop and I got too the MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS error on upgrade.

Avatar Toni Fasth

Same here, MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS error on upgrade.

Avatar Braulio Cesar Holtz Ribeiro

Same here, MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS error on upgrade.[2]

Avatar Jason Ratzlaff

Yep I got the MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS on two of my computers. I was just researching this issue and found your post. I guess I will wait until the next build!

Avatar Braulio Cesar Holtz Ribeiro

I tried several ‘fixes’, but nothing, the way is to wait for the next build
Lenovo G40-80 (Core I3 4GB)