Windows 10 build 14372 for PC and Mobile is out, brings performance and reliability improvements

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Microsoft’s build machine is more active than ever. Insiders didn’t even have the time to check out build 14371, that a new build landed on their systems. Build 14372 is the third consecutive build Microsoft has rolled out this week, confirming that its Insider engineer team is committed to roll out a bug-free Windows 10 Anniversary Edition OS.

Build 14372 is mainly about rolling out new fixes and system improvements, but it also brings one new feature: the Evernote extension for Microsoft Edge. You can use the Evernote extension to clip the web pages you want to keep. All you have to do is save them in Evernote and you’ll easily find them on any device.

These consecutive builds are part of Microsoft’s June Bug Bash strategy, as the company is trying to identify and fix as many bugs as possible before the final Windows 10 Anniversary OS is rolled out:

The team is busily working on triaging and investigating the top bugs that you sent in. The hustle is pretty real around Redmond right now. As they check in fixes for these bugs into builds, its important for us to get those builds out to you as soon as we can to validate those fixes. So here we are today with another new build for you!

Thank you, Microsoft! Actually, we can see that the Windows 10 builds are getting better and better since the number of user complaints has visibly diminished on Microsoft’s forum. Usually, shortly after a new build was launched, Insiders would rush to report all kind of bugs and errors. Fortunately, this no longer seems to be the case for the last three builds.

Microsoft guarantees that build 14372 brings a handful of fixes to improve the overall system performance and reliability, but doesn’t offer detailed information about these improvements. Maybe the company wants to see if these improvements are visible enough and prefers to let Insiders name them.

Unlike build 14371, which had only one known issue on the list, the current build has three known issues on the list for both PC and Mobile. Microsoft promises to get these issues fixed as soon as possible.

Could this mean the company is actually preparing to roll out its fourth consecutive build? After all, the day of June 24 is not over yet and Dona Sarkar could post another announcement introducing Windows 10 build 14373.

Meanwhile, do tell us what improvements you noticed in build 14372. Share your remarks in the comment section below.



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