Windows 10 Build 14905 fails to install, breaks Bash, and more

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft pushed a new build to Insiders, the first Redstone 2 release for Windows 10 Mobile Insiders, and the second one for Windows 10 PC Insiders. As expected, the new build doesn’t bring any new features, but instead improved some aspects of the system. Unfortunately, it has also brought some issues of its own.

If you follow our site, you probably know that we write an article with issues reported by actual users for every Windows 10 build that gets released. This report doesn’t include ‘known issues,’ revealed by Microsoft, but only problems that users complained about on Microsoft’s forums.

So, without any further ado, let’s see what bothers Insiders in Windows 10 build 14905:

Windows 10 build 14905 reported issues

Another build, another installation problem. Windows 10 build 14905 simply fails to install for some users, just like almost every build did before. So, it’s one of the most common issues in Windows 10, but it’s still very annoying for those who aren’t able to download the latest release. Here’s what some users said about this issue:

“14905 will not install I have tried all the sfc, trouble shooting update date etc. All came back clean anyone else have this problem. The seems to be a common problem in some past builds. No fix for it. I am on preview 14901.”

We don’t have a specific solution for this problem, but as always, we recommend you to try running the WUReset script, a tool which fixes many update problems in Windows 10, and it might actually do the job for you. If the script fails to solve the problem, try some more solutions for updating issues in Windows 10.

Another similar issue occurred for some users shortly after Microsoft started pushing the new build. Namely, some users failed to even receive the build, which made some of them think that Microsoft actually pulled build 14905. Here’s what one user said on Microsoft’s forums:

“Hi, I have been trying to get build14905. I have build 14901 on now, and I ham able to download updates, but not build 14905. My question is has it been stopped due to issues. Tnx”

However, as it turned out, Microsoft’s servers were overloaded at the time, so some users didn’t receive the build immediately. Microsoft fixed the server problem shortly after, so if you still have to install build 14905, you probably won’t encounter this issue.

The problem with the Settings app from the previous build still remains, but Microsoft actually acknowledged it, and listed it under “Known issues” for build 14905. So, if you’re encountering this issue as well, probably the only solution is to simply wait for Microsoft to release a new build.

Some users who were unsatisfied by build 14905 wanted to roll back to the previous release, but you guessed it, weren’t able to. Here’s what one user reported on Microsoft’s forums:

“On my test computer I have setup two partitions. One partition is running build 14393 public build. My second partition is running Windows Insider Builds. i was not getting build 14905 even though set up as fast and was set at build 14901. Dual boot working fine. My primary partition received build 14905 (forgot to take it off fast). I let it update to build 14905 with the intention of rolling it back to build 14393 once my second partition received build 14905 which it finally did. I wound up with two partitions with build 14905. I then booted my primary partition to restore to prior build 14393. Windows prompted me to do the steps to restore previous build. When it restarted nothing happened it stayed at build 14905.”

Another Windows Insider replied:

“Do you actually have the option to Rollback in Recovery?

Mine are greyed out, but I figure that’s part of the Settings issue.”

We’ll agree with the second user that the issue with Rollback is just a part of the Settings problem in build 14905. But we decided to tell you about it, just in case you want to roll back as well, so don’t be surprised if this Windows 10 build actually doesn’t allow you to do so.

One Windows Insider said that he’s unable to create a homegroup in Windows 10 build 14905:

“I am trying to set up Homegroup with build 14905 on my test computer and with my regular computer that has build 14393.67. I walk through all the prompts and turn on network discovery and it fails to setup. It says Homegroup is currently unavailable. I run Homegroup trouble shooter and says nothing is wrong. I have tried from both computers and get the same message. Anyone get Homegroup to work properly? Regular network works properly. “

Unfortunately, no one from the forums had a solution for this problem, but if you also face it, try finding a solution in our article about homegroup problems in Windows 10, it actually might be helpful.

Microsoft brought Bash for Ubuntu to Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update, and it looks like the first Redstone 2 builds already started causing problems. One user reported that he receives an error message every time he tries to open Bash with the Command Prompt, and that the solution is still unknown.

“If you open windows command prompt and type it “bash” to try and run it there I get a line that says “Error 0x80070005″. Again, not sure if this helps. My google (or Bing!) search of this error says it’s a permissions problem but I’ve still been unable to resolve it.”

However, the same user reached forums again with the solution for this problem. So, if you’re also facing the problem with Bash in Windows 10 build 14905, here’s what you need to do:

“Hit the Win(windows key) + R to open the run command. Type in C:\Users\<useraccount>\local\lxss\temp and hitEnter key or click Ok. Delete the temp files in this folder. Now try running Bash again, it should work!”

And finally, another quite common problem for Windows 10 builds also bothers Insiders who installed build 14905. That problem is the issue with screen flickering. Here’s what one user said about the problem:

“I’m not sure how to describe it, or even if there is a problem: Build14905_prerelease160811. Sometimes, when loading the OS, the screen “blinks” a few times before it settles down. It’s not a flicker, and it happens every now and then, not always. Does it have anything to do with automatic updating?”

Once again, other Insiders from the forums had no solution for this problem. However, we have an article about screen problems in Windows 10, so if your screen also started flickering after installing the latest build, go and check it out. We can’t guarantee it will solve the problem, but it’s worth a try.

As you can see, build 14095 is way more troublesome than build 14902. There are even more reported problems on the forums, but Microsoft listed them under ‘known issues’ for this build, so we count them as ‘expected,’ therefore we decided not to include them in our article.

If you encountered some problems that neither we nor Microsoft listed, feel free to let us know in the comments.


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