Windows 10 Preview build 14931 fails to install, still causes SFC Scan problems, and more

By: Ivan Jenic
5 minute read

Microsoft released the new build 14931 to Insiders on the Fast Ring. The build is only available on PCs because Microsoft still needs to address a few issues to make build 14931 ready for a Mobile release.

Just like every Windows 10 Preview release, build 14931 also caused some issues Insiders who installed it. Microsoft warned Insiders about these issues with the ‘Known issues’ list — but that’s not all. Apparently, there are some issues bothering users that Microsoft didn’t mention.

Windows 10 Preview build reported issues

Installation issues are quite prevalent in this build as a lot of Insiders have reported them. However, they’re not the same for everyone: some people encountered download problems, some encountered installation loops, etc. Here’s what one user said about these issues:

“When we shut down last night I got update and shutdown. I did. But at 5 when it was turned on it 2 hours to finish downloading and the last 3 hours trying to load. What should I do. The thing is just spinning and not loading.”
“I noticed that there are a couple of people who had trouble installing build 14931 so I wanted to share mine experience with it.  Seems  it’s operating smoothly with no issues so far and I hope the same for everyone else.”

Another user reported that the build hangs on install:

“I left my PC upgrading to 14931 from the previous build. Came back after a couple of hours, and it is stuck in a reboot loop. Gets past the BIOS, shows the windows logo, blanks the screen, shows the logo again, and then says Restarting

Not sure how far in the process it got. This is on a Dell M6700.

I have backups, but going to do a reinstallation of the Anniversary Edition from scratch onto a new drive and then try again. This PC has been on the fast ring since the start, so has seen a lot of updates…”

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmed solution for any of these problems. You might try running the WUReset script or resetting Windows Update, but we can’t guarantee any of these solutions will work.

Speaking of installation issues, there’s one more similar problem that occurred to some users. Namely, one Insider noticed that the update immediately deleted the install.ESD file from his computer. This isn’t a problem for regular users, but for those who want to create an ISO file from the latest Preview build, it could be a very annoying issue.

“I got 14931 installed a little while ago and looked in $Windows.~BT\Sources for the usual Install.esd file.  It’s not there!  Wha hoppen?  Is it somewhere else or what?  Anybody know?”

No one from the forums had a proper solution for this problem, but in case you want to find this file, we advise you to look for it after downloading the new build, but before restarting your computer.

However, those Insiders who managed to get Windows 10 Preview build 14931 installed on their computers had even more problems with it. One user complained on the forums that the build completely messed up his system, as Desktop and Start Manager don’t work properly:

“After I restarted my PC, for it asked me that made some updates and took a while setting the updates, I got stuck in the Login process. I’ve hit CTRL+ALT+DEL chose for Task Manager and the display got black with nothing else but Task Manager window. I’ve rebooted in Safe Mode and things got back again, just in Safe Mode. When I turn back in Normal Boot -> Blank Screen after inhibit the long waiting Login Process. I can’t System Recovery cause it was turned Off. I can’t Reset PC cause I have a lot of Apps with configurations in them. What should I do to recover my Desktop functionality? Thank you.”

For this serious problem, we’re afraid that the best solution is to roll back to the previous build, as no other workarounds have been found.

There are also some problems from previous builds that are still present in this release. Apparently Microsoft still hasn’t acknowledged these issues yet, as affected Insiders are still looking for proper solutions.

One of these problems is the problem with SFC Scan, which doesn’t work in a few Windows 10 Preview builds now. Here’s what one insider said about this problem:

“Running Insider Preview on a 64 bit Pro machine. Couldn’t get Store to open so ran sfc /scannow with the following result:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14931]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\WINDOWS\system32>sfc /scannow
Beginning system scan.  This process will take some time.
Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 20% complete.
Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.
Any ideas?”

Another ‘known’ problem is with blank live tiles, which has been present since the previous Preview build:

“With the new preview build 14931 STILL HAVE BLANK WHITE NATIVE TILES when is that going to fix. Seems to be only on my dell optix 745”

As above-mentioned errors are not new, Microsoft definitely should pay more attention to feedback from users about these issues. Obviously, this build doesn’t bring solutions for these problems, so Insiders will probably have to wait for some of the next Preview builds.

That’s about it for our report. These are the most serious problems bothering Insiders who installed build 14931 for Windows 10 Preview. You probably noticed that there are far less issues than in some of the previous builds, which is a good thing.

But some issues from previous builds surely draw attention, as Microsoft failed to address them in this build. It’s even stranger that these issues are still present if we take into account that Microsoft delayed the build for Mobile because of two reported problems.

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If you’ve encountered some problems that we didn’t mention in this article, feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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