Windows 10 build 14936 causes installation fails, BSODs, and more

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft recently released the new Windows 10 build 14936, this time for both PCs and Mobile. The new build introduces some minor system improvements, bug fixes and also a couple of known issues for both versions of the OS.

However, the issues acknowledged by Microsoft are not the only problems bothering Insiders who installed Windows 10 build 14936. We wandered around Microsoft’s Community forums, and discovered way more problems than Microsoft originally mentioned.

So, let’s see what problems Insiders encounter with Windows 10 build 14936, and if there’s a way to solve at least some of them.

Windows 10 build 14936 reported issues

We’ll start off with installation issues, just like you got used to, if you follow our report articles. Several users reported that they’re not able to download the latest build on their devices. Here’s what one PC user said about the problem:

I am try to installed both build, but during installation it will showing Error code: (0x8007000e). I also follow your suggestion > delete all the contents of the Download folder, Path>   C/windows/SoftwareDistribution/Downloadfolder, Restart computer and check for updates. this suggestion do not helpful. Also perform sfc /scannow but it not helpful please provide correct path for installation this build.

Windows 10 Mobile Insiders have the same headache:

Phone wont install the new build. It got to 100 percent but wouldn’t install the new build. Phone keeps randomly  restarting before the  install finishes but it seems to be restarting where it left off. It gave me error code 0x80246007 Some updates didn’t finish downloading. We’ll keep trying. Now it says I have to enter a pin  number to get new preview build but preview  still seems to be downloading anyway unfortantly I cant enter the pin number because the keyboard isn’t working.

Unfortunately, it looks like we simply can’t avoid installation issues in Windows 10 builds. That’s because Microsoft has to deliver the new build to so many Insiders, so something goes wrong in the process every time. As always, we recommend you to run the WUReset script to try to solve these issues, but we can’t guarantee the solution works for all users.

On the other hand, Insiders who have been able to install the new build, faced other issues. One Insider reported that the BSOD appeared as soon as he installed the new build.

Two successive update from 14931 to 14936 attempts result in system crash (BSOD) at initial boot after upgrade completed. Stop code INVALID WORKER. Inspecting the logs now.

Unfortunately, no one from the forums had a proper solution for this problem. We can recommend users who are facing this issue to check our article about solving BSOD issues in Windows 10.

Speaking of screen issues, one Insider complained about a similar issue. Namely, after installing build 14936, the desktop goes black, and icons disappear. Additionally, there are some more issues, such as the slow internet connection.

At intervals, the desktop goes black with no icons. Taskbar and cursor are visible and explorer etc appear on screen but desktop wallpaper is gone. Nvidia GTX750Ti card with driver The PC also acts in odd ways. The internet slows considerably and sometimes the desktop freezes.  I can’t downgrade to previous build as boot drive is close to full and I deleted windows.old. Reinstalling driver restores ok.

One user said that he’s unable to use his keyboard in Windows 10’s default apps and features, like the Windows Store, and Cortana. Apparently, the keyboard works with third-party programs, like Google Chrome, but not with Windows 10 apps.

Last night my PC went on to 14936.  All seemed to be working okay but then I tried to type into cortana and the Keyboard did nothing.  This was the same for both the physical keyboard and the tablet keyboard.  Edge, Cortana, Skype preview etc. do not see the keyboard at all.  Chrome, Office 2016 and most other apps are fine and see the keyboard normally.

Unfortunately, no one from the forums had a proper solution for this issue. We advise users who encountered keyboard problems in Windows 10’s default apps to check out our piece about keyboard issues in Windows 10, maybe they’ll find some help there.

Several Insiders reported they can’t download Skype Preview using the latest Windows 10 build due to error 0X80070490. Actually, the Insider who started the thread added that he had this same problem on the previous Windows 10 build as well.

I am receiving an error code when attempting to download the Skype Preview using the latest Insider Windows 10 Build (14936) from the App Store.

Microsoft constantly updates Edge in almost every new build, therefore issues with Windows 10’s default browser are quite common, and build 14936 is no exception. One user reported an unusual error, causing Microsoft Edge to crash.

Have tried to run sfc /scannow, but this fails at 35%. IE and chrome work fine. anyone else with this problem PC = Compaq CQ10-101SA 2GB Ram.

Errorlog for apps shows: Name=”AppId”>Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe!MicrosoftEdge</Data>
Data Name=”ErrorCode”>-2147023170</Data>

As you can see, the Insider who reported this issue has  tried to solve it with the sfc/scannow command in Command Prompt. This surely isn’t a solution, as Microsoft confirmed that the SFC scan doesn’t work properly in Windows 10 build 14936.

Mobile users who installed build 14936 have been bothered by various problems, as well. As one Insider reported on Microsoft’s forums, the new build causes constant reboots, and prevents the phone from connecting to WiFi.

The last win 10 update broke my lumia 635 reboots randomly won’t keep wifi I have to do a factory reboot and will it mess up the insider program

Microsoft Engineers remained silent about this problem. So, if you’re experiencing this issue too, you might consider rolling back to the previous build. Remember, if you decide to roll back, you’ll get back to build 14926.

That pretty much sums up our report. Windows 10 build 14936 is not as problem-plagued as previous releases. Actually, the majority of users find it pretty stable, but the build just can’t work identically for everyone.

If you’ve encountered other problems that we didn’t mention in this article, feel free to tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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