Windows 10 build 14962 could be the first Creators Update build release

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Microsoft recently introduced Windows 10 Creators Update, its upcoming 3D-focused OS version. The company also promised that users would be able to test the new 3D features starting with the next Windows 10 build.

The current release, build 14955 doesn’t bring any 3D features since it was released before Microsoft announced Windows 10 Creators Update. Recent rumors suggest that Windows 10 build 14962 could be the first Windows Creators Update build.

Ya’s all get your app preview updates, finish testing 14955 other than install??? 14962 on it’s way this week…..

This assumption is based on the latest updates available via the BuildFeed app. If this hypothesis carries a seed of truth in it, then Dona Sarkar should soon hint at the future build release, as is her habit. For the time being, all is quiet on her Twitter account.

However, judging by the pattern of build releases in October, today, October 31, should be the day a new build is released. In this manner, the 6 day build release pattern would be respected. As a quick reminder, build 14942 was released on October 7, build 14946 was rolled out on October 13, build 14951 became available on October 19, while build 14955 was released on October 25.

windows 10 build 14962

No information is available yet about the 3D features that will be supported by build 14962.

Speaking of Windows 10 builds, the official list of known issues for the current build includes only 5 bugs for PC and Mobile:

  • “If you have a 3rd party antivirus product installed on your PC – your PC might not be able to complete the update to this build and roll-back to the previous build.
  • Insiders may experience the Windows Ink Workspace crashing when using the protractor.
  • Some Insiders are receiving an 0x80242006 error trying to update to the latest  [Mobile]builds.
  • You will be unable to install additional languages, keyboards, and speech packs on your phone for the next few weeks. If you have existing languages, keyboards, and speech packs installed – they will carry over when you update to new builds. You just can’t install any new ones. If you do a hard reset of your phone on these builds – you will also be unable to install additional languages, keyboards, and speech packs. […]
  • Excel Mobile will freeze after adding sheets and eventually crashes.”

Keep an eye on Windows Update because build 14962 may be coming today.



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