Windows 10 build 15046 issues: Edge problems, installation fails, and more

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Windows 10 Preview build 15046 is here. The new build brings its fair share of system improvements, combined with already known issues. But the talk about this build is not over just with what you can read in Microsoft’s official announcement post. There’s more.

It’s been two days since the build was released, and the majority of users already (or tried to) have it installed on their computers. That means people have the opportunity to give their opinions on the build, and report occasional issues that Microsoft didn’t originally mention.

So, we wandered around Microsoft’s forums, searching for potential problems in Windows 10 Preview, reported by actual users. And we’ve found out that the new build is actually more troublesome that it first appeared.

Windows 10 Preview build 15046 issues

Windows 10 Preview build 15046 does cause various installation problems to Insiders. In fact, that’s the most serious problem in this release. But we’re not going to talk about them like we did in our previous report articles. The reason for that is because Microsoft preventively warned users about possible installation problems. So, Redmond definitely acknowledged the issue, and even provided a few solutions, especially for the error 80070228.

Now, let’s move on to other reported problems in Windows 10 Preview build 15046.

Edge won’t reopen tabs

One user of the Microsoft forums reported that Microsoft Edge is unable to reopen the recently closed tabs.

“When I close Edge it will not reopen and I have to wait for a couple of minutes to open it. I have run troubleshooter and sfc and also reset IE. Any suggestions or is this a bug?”

Another user suggested that clearing the cache would solve the problem. However, no one confirmed that as an actual solution, so we can’t guarantee it will work either.

Unable to connect to WiFi

One Windows Insider complained on the forums that upon installing the new build, the system constantly asks him to connect to WiFi, but always fails to connect. Additionally, the Ethernet connection doesn’t work either.

“I have just updated to Build 15046. During the process of the Build, it is asking for WiFI. When I pick my WIFI, it says it takes too long. Went back and attempted to use Ethernet. Still did not work. I have been working on Windows 10 Insiders since the beginning and never had this issue. Microsoft what happened.”

Unfortunately, no one on the forums had a proper solution for this problem. However, if you’re encountering this issue, we can recommend you to try solutions from our article about WiFi problems in Windows 10. But once again, we can’t guarantee any of the will work.

That’s pretty much it. As you can see, this build is one of the less-troublesome, if not the least troublesome Creators Update builds so far. Since the public release of the third major update for Windows 10 approaches, and we’re still a couple of builds away from it, the fact that it causes just a few issues is quite encouraging. But it still doesn’t mean the final release will be flawless.

In case you’ve installed the new build, and encountered some problems we didn’t mention in our report, feel free to let us know in the comments.



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