Windows 10 build 15058 issues: install fails, no sound on PC, and more

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft is now working at full thrust to add the finishing touches to the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update OS. As a result, the build release frequency has increased. Dona Sarkar’s team usually pushed a build per week, but now Insiders should expect to get a new build every two days or so.

Speaking of which, build 15058 is the latest Windows 10 build Microsoft has released. It doesn’t bring any new features, only a slew of bug fixes, and some issues of its own, as Insiders report.

Windows 10 build 15058 bugs

1. Install fails

Almost every Windows 10 build comes with install issues. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that build 15058 is also affected by this problem.

Windows Insider Preview Build 15058 not installing
Windows Update keeps saying “Some updates were cancelled. We’ll keep trying in case new updates become available.”

2. Error 0xC00CE556

Insiders who managed to download and install build 15058, have run into another problem. They report that the following error message appears on the screen when they boot their computers: “Parser returned error 0xC00CE556”

I am receiving the following error after having installed build 15058 […]:
“Error parsing C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v4.30319\Config\machine.config Parser returned error 0xC00CE556”
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (on application startup) Utility has worked flawlessly for over a year. Primary use is to monitor performance.
Visual Studio 2013 during install

3. Sound issues

Some Insiders also report that sound is no longer functional after installing the latest Windows 10 build. They confirm that sound has worked on all previous builds.

On the other hand, other users report that the sound adapter apparently does not recognize the subwoofer and speakers connected to the PC.

I am having issues with 15058 where the sound adaptor apprently does not recognise my subwoofer and speakers connected to my pc., I have had this issue on the last couple of builds with the exception of build 15055 where it was working and would recognise them. How can I fix this and stop it from happening?

4. Text messaging and missed call notifications won’t work

The text message notifications don’t always work on build 15058. For this reason, Insiders can’t reply to messages from their PCs. The OS displays a notification, informing users that the message is being sent using the phone, but it actually never gets sent.

Why is Microsoft having such a problem getting text messaging and missed call notifications to work consistently? It was working fine in the last 2 builds but not now. It will receive a missed call notification OK but text message notifications work sporadically and I can’t reply to the message from my PC at all.

5. Wrong date and time displayed for Windows Defender updates

The new Windows Defender UI incorrectly shows the same date and time for “Last update” as “Version created on.”

For many weeks I have been submitting feedback to let you know the new Windows Defender UI incorrectly shows the same date and time for “Last update” as “Version created on.” […] Even in Build 15058, which is just a few builds away from the final Creators Update public release, it’s still wrong. […] how can we possibly trust Windows Defender?

6. Lastpass and AdBlock Plus won’t work on Edge

Lastpass and AdBlock Plus are unavailable on Microsoft Edge. Users are requested to reinstall the extensions, but when they try to, the install process never completes. Insiders are then asked again to reinstall the extensions.

Just upgraded to 15058 Enterprise last night.  Still have an issue with 2 extensions in Edge since about 5 builds ago.  Lastpass and AdBlock Plus.  Can’t use them.  In Edge, Extensions, those 2 don’t show up.  I click the link to the Store, select them, and it asks to reinstall as there’s a problem.  I do that, and it keeps saying the same thing.  Went to Settings, Apps, found both of them, clicked them and Uninstalled.  Started over, and the same thing happens. Keeps saying Reinstall.

These are the most frequent bugs in Windows 10 build 15058. Overall, it’s a pretty stable build, and hopefully, the next build will be even more stable.


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