Windows 10 build 15063 issues: Bluee screen on Mobile, install fails, and more

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft has started the week strong by releasing the new Preview build 15063 for Windows 10. As we got used to for a past few weeks, the new build brings no new features, but just a couple of system improvements and bug fixes.

However, even though build 15063 is one of the ‘thinnest’ Creators Update builds released so far, it causes a couple of issues to Insiders who installed it, which are not the ones Microsoft initially mentioned in its official build announcement blog post.

We’ve wandered around Microsoft’s forums in search for problems reported by actual users, and we’ve stumbled upon a few interesting things. So, if you haven’t installed the new build yet, check out this article to see what you can expect from it.

Windows 10 Preview build 15063 issues

What’s interesting about this build is that the majority of issues occurred on Mobile devices. This is the first time since we’re doing our report articles that the number of issues in Windows 10 Mobile ‘beats’ the PC version. So, let’s see what’s bothering users in this release.

Blue screen issue on Lumia phones

The major problem in this update appears to be the black screen issue on various Lumia phones. A few Insiders reported the problem, all complaining about the same thing. Here’s what some of them said on the forums:

  • “After update to 15063 on lumia 950 i got blue screen”
  • “After update of build 15063 my 640xl mobile showing only blue screen and restarting again and again. Please give me solution.”
  • “After update Lumia 950 got blue screen.. in other words, this update bricked my phone.. AVOID THIS UPDATE”

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmed solution for this issue, so we can’t tell you precisely what to do, in case you encounter it, as well.

Update problems

Less frequently, but Insiders have also faced various update issues. Here’s what some of them said on the forums:

  • “Problems with update and upgrade to next build 15063, because I think that my Mouse and Keyboard drivers not are up to date. Hope that you can help me with this problems. I can only update to 80%, then my pc stop., with this update”
  • “Many times i try to upgrade but it always said ( 0x802460020) error . i am getting irritate due to this .now iam in 15063 build.please help to clear this error in my lumia 730”

Unfortunately, these problems remain unsolved, as well.

Bluetooth issues

And finally, another serious problem in this build is the issue with Bluetooth. According to one Insider, as soon as he installed the new build, his Bluetooth stopped working. Here’s what he said about the issue:

“I can’t add new device via Bluetooth. I can on/off Bluetooth, can view or delete existing paired devices, but when I try to add a new one nothing happens. Window just close itself. I’m I alone here? PS Yes, I rebooted my phone several times”

Just like it’s the case with the previous two issues, no one had an actual solution for this problem.

That’s about it for our report. In case you’ve encountered some issues we didn’t list in this article, feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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