Windows 10 build 16275 issues: Installation problems, Edge crashes, and more

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft released the new build 16275 for Windows 10 Insider Preview. As expected, the new build brings no new features to the system, since Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is close to its official release.

In fact, Insiders are struggling to find the difference between this build and the previous one. 

On the other hand, even though the two builds are almost same in terms of new features and system improvements, Insiders who installed 16275 encountered a few issues.

Which is, as it seems, the main difference between the two builds. 

We’ve wandered around Microsoft forums, and found a few reports about problems that emerged in the latest Preview. So, keep reading to find out what to expect from the new build, in case you haven’t installed it yet.

Windows 10 Preview build 16275 reported problems 

Installation problems

The most common issue with build 16275 is the installation problem. In fact, users are unable to install the new build for various reasons, as numerous reports from the forums suggest. Here’s what some of the Insiders say:

  • “Build 16275 setup ends with Error 0x80010105 during 20% initialization. This error is repetitive. I have tried using the DISM command, and disabling antivirus. Don’t know where to go from here.”

  • “Does anyone have any ideas? The trouble shooting tips on this error didn’t help. No hardware conflicts. No drivers that needed updating. I’m stuck between build 16193 and a hard place. Thanks.”

Unfortunately, nobody from the forums had a precise solution for any of these issues. We recommend you to check one of our Update Issues articles for a potential solution, but we can’t guarantee any of them will work.

Edge issues

Another problem that emerged in the new build is the Microsoft Edge crashing issue. One user reported this strange problem on the forums:

“This a message trying to open Edge.After refreshing the PC same message”

One of the forum moderators suggested running the App Troubleshooter, but that appears to be unusable. We recommend checking our article about Edge issues in Windows 10, but once again, can’t guarantee any of the will get the job done.

Deleting files!

And last but definitely not least, one user reported that the new build deleted all his files. Here’s what he said:

“I am not sure what occurred with the installation of BUILD 16275! It downloaded and I installed as usual, thinking that all would go as it usually does. Upon signing in after the completion of installation, I found all of my APPS from the previous build in place. HOWEVER, every folder of personal data, documents, pics, movies, and music ARE GONE! My Microsoft Edge settings are gone as well. While I understand the risks being in the fast ring, I certainly did NOT expect this. I will have to rewrite some of the lost documents and find some of the movies and music that was lost. The pics are not recoverable.

I have not tried rolling back to the previous build yet, as I am not sure that this will restore the missing files.

SO, I am writing to give you all the heads up on this Build. I have been an insider for two years and still enjoy the program. I had backed most files onto One Drive, but had not done so in a while BECAUSE your upload speeds are horribly slow. In any case, my PC is operating as if “new” LOL!”

Some other Insiders on the forum say that files are not actually deleted, but just moved to anther location. Which proved to be the case exactly. So, if you’ve encountered the same problem, just look at this location, and you should find your lost file.

C:Usersyour user name

That’s about it. As you can see, this build isn’t as troublesome as some previous releases, but it was expected, since this one is quite small.

Have you encountered an error we didn’t mention above? Let us know in the comments below. 


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