Windows 10 build 16278 issues: Installation fails, Wi-Fi problems, and more

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft just released yet another Windows 10 Preview build. The new release is dubbed build 16278 and is available to Insiders on the Fast ring only.

As this is a minor, system-improving build, it brings no new features to Insiders. Therefore, one would expect it also brings no new issues to those who installed it. But that’s not exactly the case.

Windows 10 Preview build 16278 actually causes a few problems to Insiders. So, if you still haven’t installed the new build, keep reading this article to find out what’s going on.

Windows 10 Preview build 16278 reported problems

Installation fails

We start with the most common issue of Windows 10 Preview builds, of course. A couple of reported on the forums that due to various causes and error codes. Here’s what some of them said on the forums:

  • “Build 16278 will not install Errorcode 0xc1900209. Event-Log shows Error with Event-ID 20 but not enough information to find the culprit.”
  • “I get the following error responses: 1. The latest feature update to Windows is ready to install! It’s been waiting for you to kick it off. These improvements help Windows run smoothly and securely. Select this option to kick it off: When choosing the option INSTALL I get these responses: 2. Last failed install attempt on ‎8/‎26/‎2017 – 0x80240034 3. Last failed install attempt on ‎8/‎26/‎2017 – 0xc0000409…Finally when choosing to check for updates again all error responses are repeated  after initialising, downloading, install. A never ending loop. Errors 2 or 3 are shown at random.”

As usual, we don’t have the concrete solution for any of these problems (neither do Microsoft Engineers). But we can recommend checking our articles about Windows 10 errors, or running the WUReset script.

Wi-Fi network disappears (and failed update)

Another installation issue that’s more serious than others is the one that causes users’ Wi-Fi network to disappear. Namely, Insider said on the forums that the new build failed to install, making his Wi-Fi network to disappear:

“The last Windows 10 Insider Preview update to version 16278.1000, (rs3_release) – Error 0x80010105, failed to complete, leaving me without any Wi-Fi adapters. Ethernet is working, but the update won’t finish the installation when I retry installing it.”

Unfortunately, nobody had a proper solution for this issue.

Edge slowed down

Another Insider says that the new build causes Microsoft Edge to run slow. Here’s what he says:

“Hi, Edge browser is going on crashing after installation of build 16278.rs3_release.170825-1441. Respond Asap.”

Unfortunately, nobody had a solution for this problem, and the only thing we can recommend is checking our article about Edge issues in Windows 10.

NumLock issues

One Insider reported on the forums that he’s unable to use NumLock on his keyboard after installing this build.

“On build 16278 is anyone else having an issue with the Number Lock key? Off or On I can’t use the number pad. Caps Lock is working fine. Wasn’t sure what category to put this under.”

Once again, the only thing we can recommend is checking our article about NumLock issues in Windows 10, but we can’t guarantee any of our workarounds will work in this case.

Printer issues

And finally, one user reported the problem with his HP printer. Here’s what he said:

“Starting with the last insider release and continuing in Build 16273 I am unable to print excel, word, or pdf docs with my HP4100.  I have tried various drivers including the HP universal with no luck. It is networked and will print a test page. An Epson color printer on the same network will print these docs. and a cpu running Windows 7 on the same network will also print docs. Anyone have any ideas?”

Other Insiders had no proper solution for this error, and what else could we do besides recommending you to check out our article about issues with HP printers in Windows 10.

That’s about it, as you can see this build isn’t as troublesome as some of the previous releases. But that’s more or less expected, since this is a minor system-stabilizing build.

Have you already installed Windows 10 Preview build 16278? Are there any issues we didn’t mention in this article? Let us know in the comments below.