Windows 10 build 16281 issues: Installation fails, app crashes, and more

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Microsoft released yet another Windows 10 Preview build for Insiders on the Fast ring to test over the weekend. Windows 10 Preview build 16281 is, of course, a minor release that only brings some system improvements, in order to further polish the system for its commercial release.

Although the new build was released just a few days after the previous one, it brings a whole new set of issues. That’s definitely not something users would like to see in the public release, so the development team will have some extra work to do.

Anyway, let’s get straight to the point, and see what bothers Insiders in Windows 10 Preview build 16281.

Windows 10 Preview build 16281 reported problems

Installation fails

You expected anything else to be the first issue listed here? If you’re regularly reading our issue reports, you probably know that we start almost every single article with installation issues. Simply because installation issues occur all the time. And build 16282 is no different.

In fact, we noticed a bunch of reports on different installation errors on the forums. Here’s what some of the Insiders say:

  • “Build 16281 downloaded and installed on my Toshiba laptop without missing a beat, but, the same build downloaded to my Toshiba desktop All-in-one failed to upgrade from build 16241 to build 16281. This problem with the All-in-one has been ongoing for each new build since 16241. The upgrades all download and get to a 45% install before restoring back to 16241. (Build 16281 got to 54%). I can’t access numerous functions from build 16241 including the feedback hub, so this is from my laptop. I have tried numerous suggestions posted on the feedback hub, even a clean install, without any luck. Would appreciate a suggestion that works.”

  • “Build 16281 is stuck in the restart as was the one before. I don’t know what to do. I could use some expertise on my next move.”

  • “Insider Build 16281 Install issue, I receive the following error in Windows Update: “Windows 10 Insider Preview 16281.1000 (rs3_release) – Error 0xc0000005″”

Unfortunately, we don’t have a universal solution for all these installation errors. So, we can only recommend you to check some of our Windows Update issues articles, or run the WUReset script.

Problems with DVD drive

One Insider reported that after installing the latest build, his DVD/RW is showing as Removable storage in Device Manager. Apparently, the drive still works well, but the user simply finds this flaw annoying. Here’s what he said about the issue:

“After updating to 16281.1000 my DVD/RW is showing as Removable storage in Device Manager. If I eject the device, it ejects it like a flash drive where it would normally eject the tray. If I uninstall the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7241S device from Device Manager and then reboot, it still comes back as Removable device. If I uninstall the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7241S device from Device Manager, and then Scan for hardware changes. In Device Manager it now has the DVD/CD-Rom drives and the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7241S is in there. If I hit eject it ejects the tray. However, if I reboot is goes back to being Removable storage….”

Apps crash

Another Insider said he’s unable to open most of his Windows 10 apps after installing the new build:

“I am having trouble opening apps in Build 16281. If I open an app (mail, news, weather, and some others that I downloaded—Hindi English Dictionary and another Hindi learning app), it will attempt to open for a few seconds and then close.  This started in the previous build. I have ran the Store app trouble shooter, reset the apps, and deleted and reinstalled those apps that can be reinstalled and deleted. The trouble shooter identified the fact that apps were crashing and suggested resetting them, which I did. I continued running the trouble shooter and it suggested that the problem was fixed. This, however, is not the case. This particular build did, however, RESET almost my entire PC, moving my files, clearing passwords, clearing my Edge settings, etc. and I am wondering if this has anything to do with the problem.”

Once again, if you’re facing this issue as well, all we can advise you is to check out our article about fixing app crashes in Windows 10.

Lost programs and files

Losing programs and files is even worse than app crashing, and that’s exactly what one Insider reported on the forums:

“Like the subject says, Installation went without a hitch.. but i lost everything like it was a fresh install. Cannot revert back to previous build , i ve tried to do a system restore, and into safe mode. (recovery) what can i do now.. thanks also i found i post from another user with similar situation.”

A similar problem occurred a few builds ago, when files weren’t actually deleted, but only moved to another location. So, it might be the case here, as well.

That’s all for Windows 10 Preview build 16281. As you can see, even though the build is a minor one, it causes a few quite serious issues. As I mentioned above, these are issues Microsoft really needs to work on, if the company wants a stable public update. But, judging on our previous experience with major updates for Windows 10, it’s hard to expect a flawless update, even after such a long period of testing.

Have you already installed the new build? Are there any issues we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments below.


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Hah!!!? I take it back.. saying I am lucky with Build 16281… Yesterday, when I turn on my laptop, when I’m signing in, I couldn’t get pass with WELCOME with circling dots. My laptop hang for several hours. Did force turn off. sign in, for several times but it didn’t work… So I boot in safe mode and repair but couldn;t do the repair. Finally, did go back to previous build which is Build 16278, good thing I did not delete the windows.old folder. Now, I’m happy because my laptop is working fine…

I think I”m just lucky with this Build 16281, downloading and installation went on smoothly, although it took at 5hours to complete it. Haven’t experience yet apps that are not opening, although my ms word 2013 is slow and opening and sometimes, it just close/open. there are times i experience my one and only laptop Acer E5, reset and restart on its own.., this happens twice. So far so good. I hope it won’t happen again–i couldn;t log in and it got stuck at Acer logo, wherein I have to reboot from a USB stick and install again everything…

i had no problems during installation and running build 16281, and it took me only about 1 hour to install it, i just wonder why we have this watermark saying it’s an evaluation copy, am i going to lose my windows genuine copy?