Windows 10 build 17063 bugs: install fails, no sound on Edge, games stutter

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
Managing Editor
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Windows 10 build 17063 bugs

Windows 10 build 17063 is by far the richest Redstone 4 release in terms of new features and improvements. Indeed, while this OS version brings a bevy of new features to the table, it also features issues of its own, as many Insiders already reported.

Windows 10 build 17063 reported issues

1. Install fails

Yes, this classic build problem strikes again. Many Insiders cannot test the latest Redstone 4 features because they can’t install build 17063.

The install process often fails to launch, gets stuck, freezes or it reverts the changes when it’s almost complete. Judging by user reports, it seems that error 0xc1900101 is the most common error code blocking the install process.

windows 10 preview 17063.1000 failed to install 0xc1900101
Saw the update from 17046, started it, went to gym, came back to the initial mfg screen “Asus”.
Had to power cycle, said it was “attempting to restore”, locked up again. Second power cycle was able to restore to 17046. Glad made full backup sunday, just in case.

Fortunately, some fixes are already available and they include:

  • Removing Macrium Reflect
  • Removing the SD card and other USB peripherals
  • Performing a clean install.

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2. System Warning of Unknown Hard Error

If you own a Surface Pro 3 device, you should avoid installing build 17063 altogether. Insiders report that this build causes unknown hard errors, preventing them from using their devices.

I updated my Surface Pro 3, and now my Surface brings me the ‘sihost.exe – System Warning of Unknown Hard Error’.
Start, PC Settings, notifications (basically, anything Windows 10) is not working.
I’ve tried refreshing my PC and it brings up the ‘No More BitLocker Options Available’, this occurs when trying to reset my Surface, and when trying to restore to a previous version.

3. No sound in Microsoft Edge

If you’re not getting any sound output from your Edge browser, you’re not the only one. Many Insiders complained that no sound is coming out of their browser after installing the latest Windows 10 build.

“There’s no sound in Microsoft Edge at all in Build 17063.

The problem can happen two ways:

  • The audio works in Edge but, after few minutes, it suddenly stops working and you must restart the system.
  • The audio doesn’t work at all since system startup.”

If you’re also experiencing this issue, try changing audio frequency from 192.000 Hz to 48.000 Hz.

4. No network access in VMware Workstation Windows 10 Pro

Build 17063 blocks access to network in VMware Workstation.

Everything has been fine until I upgraded from 17046 to 17063. I have Win 10 pro setup for DHCP so I tried setting a fixed IP address and it still didn’t work. I then ran the network troubleshooter and it says it can’t communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server) and Security or firewall settings might be blocking the connection. I restored back to 17046 and network access works again.

5. Game stuttering

Apparently, build 17063 is not a gaming-friendly release. Many players reported that the latest build is causing massive game stuttering.

The culprit is Microsoft’s GraphicsPerfSvc service that’s interfering with the game while it’s in fullscreen mode using around 30% of CPU while gamers play their favorite titles.

I’m getting massive stuttering in all games in Build 17063.rs_prerelease.17213-1610. The problem always happens, with Game Mode OFF and Game Mode ON, makes no difference.
Any game I play, hangs every 2-3 seconds for like 100 milliseconds and then resumes, it is so damn frustrating.

6. Windows 10 is not activated

Many Insiders were surprised to see that Windows 10 is no longer activated after they installed the latest build. This is common issue affecting many users, as one of Microsoft’s Community moderators confirmed.

I recently updated my windows to build 17063 in the insider program.
The edition of the windows installed changed from Windows 10 home single languaue to windows 10 home insider preview and the windows is no more activated.
I tried troubleshooting but it didn’t solve the problem

If you can’t activate Windows, maybe the guides below will help you:

These are the most frequent issues affecting the latest Redstone 4 build release.

If you encountered other issues or you found a fix for the bugs listed above, tell us more about your experience in the comments below.

  • I installed this last night and right away it was a nightmare, took 3 times as long as the creators update and now I am experiencing a lot of problems mainly with the touchscreen on my Toshiba. Edge works with touchscreen, AND with sound BUT Chrome refused to recognise the Touchscreen so I did the quick fix (chrome://flags/#touch-events and set this to Enabled) – didn’t work. Rebooted the Laptop and Chrome started working again, after about 20 minutes… it stopped accepting touch commands entirely.
    Firefox allows you to scroll using the vertical bar (Chrome doesn’t) but will not allow you to scroll on the active page surface, instead selecting items instead.
    I have bespoke apps that initially worked well, but then I noticed that after Chrome started to show issues, they too started to act up and instead of accepting a “flick” to scroll, instead they moved the current item (when displaying lists)… This is similar to the issue displayed by Firefox btw in the commands being used.
    I will be backing this out immediately as one of the apps is a Karaoke System and as this is the weekend of Christmas I need the full program working and I do not have time to write workarounds and test the code,
    Thanks Microsoft; Some great ideas, but at this time ? Not for me.