Windows 10 build 17115 issues: Download fails and apps disappear

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Windows 10 build 17115 issues

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Microsoft’s Windows Insider Team recently rolled out Windows 10 build 17115 to Fast Ring Insiders. This release focuses on fixing the bugs and issues reported by Insiders via the Feedback Hub rather than adding new features.

Dona Sarkar’s team say that ‘There are currently no known issues for this flight’ but Insiders did experience some problems after installing this build version. Indeed, these are not severe issues, but they do cause annoyance nevertheless.

So, if you haven’t installed the latest Windows 10 build for Fast Ring Insiders yet, here’s what to expect in terms of bugs.

Windows 10 build 17115 issues

1. Download fails

Many users couldn’t install this build due to download issues. More precisely, the download process gets stuck forcing Insiders to perform a force reboot.

2. Microsoft Store App disappeared [FIX]

If you can’t find the Store App, you’re not the only one. It is still not clear whether this build completely removes the app or simply hides it.

I am on Build 17115. I cannot find the STORE App. How to get it??

To fix this issue, follow the instructions listed below:

1. Reset your Windows Store

Go to Start > Search. Simply type WSReset.exe and right-click the first result to run the command as Administrator. The Store should open and a confirmation message will inform you that the cache was cleared.

2. Reinstall Microsoft Store

  1. Download the file from Microsoft in the C\Users\Username\Downloads directory> extract the file.
  2. Launch PowerShell, enter the Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted command > hit Enter
  3. If you’re prompted to change the execution policy, select Y and hit the Enter key
  4. Enter this command: cd C:\Users\Username\Downloads (Replace ‘Username’ with your Windows account username).
  5. Enter this command to reinstall the app: .\reinstall-preinstalledApps.ps1 *Microsoft.WindowsStore*

3. Sleep issues

You might also encounter some sleep mode issues in this build but we’re sure Microsoft will fix them in the next build release.

Still getting the same sleep issue on my laptop.

As surprising as this may sound, the list of bugs ends here. Build 17115 is quite stable, as Insiders already noted:

This build of Windows is amazing! Every bug I was facing on my Surface Book 2 is gone. From problems with detecting the device microphone to scaling problems in Unity. Well done! P.S: I forgot how nice it feels to be on a stable build.

So, if you’ve been avoiding installing the latest Insider builds on your computer, you can finally resume testing now.

Do tell us more about your Windows 10 build 17115 experience in the comments below.



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