Windows 10 build 18290 adds new clock sync options, revamps Start menu

by Radu Tyrsina
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Insider Preview Build 18290

We’ve got great news for you! Microsoft has just released Insider Preview Build 18290 in the Fast ring. Let’s have a look at some of the exciting new features coming to a computer near you soon.

Windows 10 build 18282 improvements

To be honest, I thought the updates in Build 18282 were a lot more significant, but we can only work with what we have got, so let’s start with the new menu.

New Improved Menu

The power and user menus in start are getting a facelift, which includes adding more icons to make identification easier. You can see how the new menu looks in the image above.

Update to Clock Sync

I used to have a laptop whose clock was completely out of sync. I could never work out why but I used to work on a website that required my laptop clock to be synced with the server time of the website. Used to cause me no end of grief.

Obviously, I was not the only one because in the future, users with the same sort of issue will be able to sync their clocks manually.

Mail and Calendar

It will be able to keep track of your tasks using Microsoft Mail & Calendar and Microsoft To-Do. When you next update your Mail & Calendar App, you will see a little ‘tick’ at the bottom of the app. This will allow you to seamlessly swap between the Calendar app and the To-Do app.

Calendar and To-Do

Other Updates Coming

There are many more fixes and improvements and I have listed the major ones below, but there are a few more that stand out for me.

Microsoft is working to improve the Cortana and Search experience. Good luck with that. If you are into using your microphone, there will be a notification in the System Tray telling you which app is using the mic. Finally and still in the System Tray, if your computer needs to reboot, there will be an orange notification icon.

Other Changes, Fixes, and Improvements

Here are a few of the main points of this Insider update. There are also quite a few known issues, which is good because it means we won’t get them. I won’t put the ‘known issues’ here, but if you want to check them out, follow this link.

  • We fixed an issue resulting in PDFs opened in Microsoft Edge not displaying correctly (small, instead of using the entire space).
  • We fixed an issue resulting in mouse wheel scrolling in many UWP apps and XAML surfaces being unexpectedly fast in recent builds.
  • We’ve made some updates to the taskbar to reduce the number of times you may see the icons redraw. Most noticeably when interacting with the recycle bin, although in other scenarios as well.
  • Antivirus apps must run as a protected process to register with Windows and appear in the Windows Security app. If an AV app does not register, Windows Defender Antivirus will remain enabled.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the System unexpectedly consuming a high amount of CPU for prolonged periods of time when enumerating Bluetooth devices.
  • We fixed an issue that caused Remote Desktop to show a black screen for some users. This same issue could also cause freezes over Remote Desktop when using VPN.
  • Improved compatibility of Narrator with Chrome.
  • Improved performance of Magnifier centered mouse mode.

Wrapping Things Up

And there we have it. As I said, I think the last update had more interesting features, but it is still exciting to see what Microsoft has planned for Windows 10. Personally, I’m still waiting for the tea-making feature. Can’t think why Microsoft keeps ignoring my request.


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