Windows 10 build 18343 download issues still present for many

by Milan Stanojevic
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A few days ago, we reported that the Fast Ring Insiders received the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18343. This update is considered to be the seventh largest update that has been rolled out Windows 10 users.

The Windows 10 build 18343 comes with two bug fixes along with a couple of bugs have already been acknowledged by Microsoft. The build seems to be a stable one compared to the previous version as users have not reported too many installation issues so far.

Windows 10 build 18343 reported issues

1. Download stalls

Some of the users have reported that they have been experiencing download stalls at 82%. Even waiting overnight didn’t help those users. A possible workaround to resolve the issue is removing the wifi card from the Gateway computer.

The update will continue just normal after removing the card.

Taking out the adapter from my Gateway computer resolved the issue.  I then installed a usb Netgear wireless adapter and everything works great.

If the first solution does not resolve the issue you can move on to the next one.

You have to send the Windows Update components to resolve the issues. This operation will refresh all of the components required to download and install the latest updates for Windows 10 and create a new SoftwareDistribution folder for the update files. You will need administrative permission to complete this task.

  1. Download the Reset Windows Update Agent from this page.
  2. Click and select I agree.
  3. Save the zip file.
  4. Open the file and run ResetWUEng.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the process to finish.
  6. Restart your PC.
  7. Run Windows Update.

2. Sound cards fail to work

The bug has been acknowledged by Microsoft itself stating that the installation of the update creates an issue in the functionality of the Creative X-Fi sound cards.

Currently, there is no workaround for the issue but the tech giant plans to resolve the issue by partnering with Creative.

3. Chinese games not working

Microsoft has received some reports regarding various Chinese games that they stop working just after the installation of Windows 10 build 18343. Microsoft is currently working on the issue and we can expect a fix in the upcoming update.

4. Windows Sandbox Navigation issues

Moving to the next bug, Microsoft has acknowledged another issue that involves navigation issues in Windows Sandbox. The Settings app crashes as soon as the Insiders try to navigate to the Narrator settings.

5. Night light space bugs

The current build fails to provide a fix to the night light space issues that were reported by the users. The previous builds of Windows 10 had the same issue.

5. Game launching bug

The last issue is related to anti-cheat software. As a bug check (GSOD) is triggered when the users launch games while using an anti-cheat software. The issue still persists and users will have to wait until the next release for a fix.

If you are interested in the feature offered by Windows 10 build 18343, Microsoft plans to release the update for the Windows 10 users in the first half of this year.

Let us know in the comments sections below if you are experiencing any other issues. Please keep on visiting us for more bugs and fixes regarding the build. 


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