Dona Sarkar teases Windows 10 Insiders with “some really interesting things” late this week

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The next Windows 10 builds will definitely bring very interesting things, as the new Windows Insider Program leader guarantees. Dona Sarkar has not revealed what exactly those “really interesting things” are, but she confirmed they would land on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile late this week and next week.

Microsoft did not roll out the usual Tuesday updates this week, but the team is working on adding the finishing touches to Windows 10 before the Anniversary Update. Taking this element into consideration, it becomes clear that the “interesting things” Dona was talking about are actually bug fixes and stability improvements.

It is unlikely that the tech giant releases any new features prior to the Anniversary Update, since the company is focusing on offering a stable Windows 10 experience with as few issues as possible. But maybe Dona wants to surprise us all and her team is actually preparing new Windows 10 features. Only time will tell, and unfortunately we don’t have to wait that long.

Speaking of fixes, the Mobile build has an official list of six bugs that need to be fixed:

  1.  Battery life issues impacting certain devices.
  2. Data issues with some Dual-SIM devices where cellular data doesn’t work correctly with a second SIM.
  3. The new Cortana features may not work for some devices, although restarting your phone should fix the issue and get the features working.
  4. Quick Actions icons are not in the same order after installing the latest build.
  5. Phone will freeze when touching the screen immediately after enabling Narrator.
  6. Phones running build 14356 don’t allow users to run an app via Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.

As far as the desktop Windows 10 build is concerned, only three bugs were on the list when the build was released, but three more were added afterwards:

  1.  Previously installed extensions for Microsoft Edge may not work for around 15 minutes after your first sign-in.
  2. The new Cortana features may not work. Restarting your PC should fix the issue.
  3. Using the keyboard to navigate in certain Store apps like Netflix or Tweetium doesn’t work.
  4. Microsoft Edge extension developer features are turned off by default.
  5. Using back and forward swipe may cause a grey bar to show up on the left side of web pages in Microsoft Edge. Resize the browser window to make the grey bar go away. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming flight.
  6. Certain websites like YouTube to fail to render in Microsoft Edge or IE.

So, what we know for sure is that the swipe issue is definitely going to be fixed with the next update. How about the other bugs? Which one do you think will be part of the “some really interesting things” club Dona was talking about?



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