Windows 10 Camera app now available on Xbox One with Kinect support

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The Anniversary Update is around the corner, and Microsoft already decided to offer users a glimpse into what’s coming to make them even more curious. One of the latest gifts is the UWP Camera app which is now available on the Xbox One. The good news doesn’t end here as the app also supports Kinect.

For the time being, the Windows Camera app for the Xbox One doesn’t allow users to save images and videos, but this feature could soon be available once the Xbox One Summer Update is launched.

Since Microsoft rolled out the UWP Camera app to its Xbox One, it is very likely that the tech giant rolls out other photo and video apps to its console. Microsoft Photos could be one of the apps that will allow Xbox One users to save and edit the photos they took using their console.

Of course, another possibility is that Microsoft is using the current UWP Camera app on the Xbox One only to test how its console behaves when running universal apps. However, if Microsoft decides to remove the app from the Xbox One, users will get very disappointed, and Microsoft is aware of this, therefore is unlikely that the tech giant takes such a decision.

You can get the Camera app by searching for it on the Xbox One Preview, but the app may be unavailable for some users.

Xbox One owners and HoloLens users still need to wait a bit more to get the new features promised by the Anniversary Update. The two platforms run modified versions of Windows 10, which explains why the tech giant needs more time to push the Anniversary Update features to the Xbox One and HoloLens.

Fortunately for Xbox One users, Microsoft rolls out new features from time to time, improving the user experience. For example, Cortana received an update aimed at fixing the issue when the assistant launched other apps when asked to launch TV channels and games.



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