Microsoft finalizes special Windows 10 version for the Chinese government

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Some might remember that Microsoft announced some time ago that it will be teaming up with a Chinese electronics and tech company to develop a special version of Windows 10. This OS version would be designed especially for the Chinese government as well as some enterprises that were owned by the state. The company in question is called C&M Information Technologies and it looks like Microsoft has finally managed to finalize (or at least get close to finalizing) the project which has been supposedly ongoing since 2015.

The new Windows 10 is here

It would appear that Microsoft has drafted the first iteration of this special version of the OS, and that it has already tested its efficiency. The “test subjects” were three major players from China which properly represent the enterprise customer model. C&M’s task in this endeavor had the company gather feedback on the various customers that got a first glimpse of the Chinese government optimized Windows 10.

It would seem that C&M looked to find information about how the platform’s eligibility requirements were meant to help the OS focus on a specific niche of customers, respectively governmental agencies and enterprises.  The reason behind this is because the company is looking to provide security and control within the available market.

First time’s good enough

Reportedly, although this is the first version of the OS, Microsoft is confident enough that it is looking to push it to its select clientele represented by the Chinese government and its affiliated institutions or organizations.

C&M will handle licensing

This version of Windows 10 is still being made by Microsoft, but the exclusive licensing authority has become C&M Information Technologies, which is now handling important business oriented departments regarding the project. Some of these are enterprise customers, state owned enterprises or the government in general.

The development of such a project is intriguing and interesting even for those that are in no way affected by this side of Microsoft’s business ventures, because it opens up the possibility that similar endeavors might occur in the future. This puts plans into perspective as Windows 10 users are now contemplating the idea of such a specifically niche oriented version of the OS to be made available in their country as we.