Cloud download might help you reinstall your Windows 10 anywhere

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Windows 10 cloud backup might be the next big feature to expect

Microsoft had a lot of surprises up its sleeve in the last couple of weeks. Some kind of disastrous, like the accidental release of Windows 10 build 18947, and other more interesting, like the future design overhaul.

Windows 10 cloud backup might be in the works

Now, a new very interesting piece of information regarding Windows re-installation emerged.

It seem like Microsoft is planning for a cloud reinstall option for Windows 10. After a closer look at the files in Windows 10 build 18950, Twitter user WalkingCat discovered the new feature:

18950 bootux : How would you like to reinstall Windows?
> Cloud download : Download Windows
> Reset locally : Reinstall my existing Windows operating system

Cloud restore option could present some privacy risks

This could be a entirely new option that will allow users to recover Windows 10 from the cloud. On the other hand, a local recovery offers more security and privacy.

Nonetheless, the important thing is the existence of options. After that, every user can decide if the cloud save is too risky or if it’s an amazing feature to have.

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft hasn’t made any mentions of this functionality yet, and the cloud option isn’t available in any insider build.

Anyway, this sound pretty exciting but we don’t expect Windows cloud restore to arrive to the general public anytime soon.

Would you be interested in a cloud backup of your Windows 10?

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