Windows 10 Cloud Restore feature lands next week for Insiders

by Radu Tyrsina
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windows 10 cloud restore feature

Microsoft is working on a feature that will enable Windows 10 users to restore their systems from the cloud. This feature is similar to the one that is already available on MacBooks.

The change was first spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat. There is a clear indication that the upcoming version of Windows will bring users the option to reset Windows installation files directly from the cloud.

WalkingCat further predicted that the cloud restore option will be available in the upcoming Windows 10 build release. Notably, this version has yet to be released as Fast Ring Insiders are currently testing Windows 10 build 18945.

The cloud restore option should address a major problem for Windows 10 users if Microsoft decides to release it. Right now, many users are concerned about the fact that a backup that is stored on a USB drive or a local hard drive chews up too much space.

Secondly, we are bound to use either a USB/DVD drive or recovery partition to use the factory reset functionality. Consider a situation when your local recovery image gets corrupted, making it difficult to use it again.

Locally stored Windows images are more prone to such issues as compared to files stored in the cloud.

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Additionally, there are some devices that don’t come with built-in functionality. The new feature is potentially going to resolve this issue for us.

It seems like the cloud restore option will make its way to Windows Lite. However, the implementation is not as easy as it sounds.

Microsoft needs to focus on many different aspects including OEM support to make it work.

There is no official word from Microsoft about the release of the cloud restore feature but we expect the company to launch the testing phase very soon.


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