Windows 10 Core Apps Photos, Mail, Calendar, and the Store Updated for Desktop and Mobile  

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Microsoft has pushed out a couple of update for its Store, Photos and Outlook and Mail apps for Windows 10 desktop and mobile users. Here are the new features that these updates bring.

windows 10 app updates mail calendar

Microsoft has released an update for some core apps on Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 Mobile. As it looks at the moment, the apps that have received some updates are the Store app, Microsoft Photos and Outlook and Mail apps.

We usually know a certain app has been updated after we get a notification for it, but this doesn’t always mean Microsoft has an official changelog to detail all the new improvements. Such seems to be the case with most of the current apps. However, upon better inspection, we found a few pretty noticeable changes.

The most important and obvious update seems to be coming to the Windows Store app which now has the option of always asking you to sign in before making a purchase. You can see the new feature in the screenshot from below. This helps protect against accidental or unauthorized purchases.

windows 10 app updates


Users have been reporting that after issuing this update, when you are scrolling through the store and click an app, pressing back doesn’t bring you to the top of the list. Another feature requested by the users that would make reading the changelog much easier before allowing the update is this –  pressing an app on the updates page should take you to the app’s details/description/reviews page.

Another quite important update is the fact that the Mail and Calendar apps have been updated with a new Dark Theme, a feature that has been recently released to the Outlook and Calendar apps for Windows 10 Mobile users. The new Dark Theme has been available for Windows Insiders only, but now it has become available to the wide public.

Furthermore, all of the updated Windows 10 core apps now feel more responsive and faster, and this isn’t just our opinion, but what many users have been saying themselves. Of course, there are still many issues to be fixed, such as the synch problem with Outlook Mail. Nonetheless, this is a much welcome revamp for all these apps.

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